Conor McGregor's Sexual Assault Accuser Targets NBA, Miami Heat, and Police

Thu Jun,2023
Conor McGregor's Sexual Assault Accuser Targets NBA, Miami Heat, and Police Boxing

The woman who accused Conor McGregor of sexual assault is now directing her focus toward the NBA, the Miami Heat, and the Miami Police Department, claiming that they mishandled the aftermath of her alleged attack.

According to the woman's attorney, Ariel Mitchell, officials from the NBA and the Miami Heat attempted to keep the incident quiet by offering hush money to the alleged victim. Although the NBA reportedly offered $100,000 to maintain secrecy, they rescinded the offer when the news became public.

Mitchell believes that both the Miami Heat and the NBA could be held accountable for the treatment of her client. She highlighted the negligence of security guards hired by the Heat, who stood outside the bathroom while the alleged assault took place. She criticized their decision to prioritize catering to a celebrity rather than protecting a young woman in distress.

Mitchell also accused the Miami police of dismissing the alleged victim's attempts to report the assault. According to Mitchell, the woman faced rejection and was redirected to another precinct. When she finally reached the rightful precinct, she was swiftly escorted out of the police station after the assigned detective convinced her to hire an attorney before filing a report.

Mitchell expressed concern over the negative impact this delay could have on the investigation. She noted that it was unacceptable for the police to suggest that a sexual violence report would go viral without their involvement in its media dissemination.

The attorney disclosed that the alleged victim ultimately hired her services, and together they revisited the police station four days after the incident to provide additional information. Mitchell affirmed her client's intention to hold the Miami Police Department accountable for turning her away when she sought help.

Meanwhile, both the NBA and the Miami Heat have refuted the allegations made by Mitchell. The NBA's chief communications officer, Mike Bass, categorically denied offering any payment to the woman. Miami Heat spokesman Tim Donovan did not respond to requests for comment.

As the investigation continues, the accuser has relocated to an undisclosed location outside of Florida due to receiving death threats. Mitchell expressed concerns about her client's mental well-being, highlighting the emotional toll the situation has taken on her. The alleged victim's decision to leave Miami was driven by her desire to ensure her safety and seek support from her family.