21 Years 'New York Giants' Running Back Saquon Barkley Recently Has a Daughter with his Girlfriend, Know About Their Relationship

Mandy Rhods
Thu Aug,2018
21 Years 'New York Giants' Running Back Saquon Barkley Recently Has a Daughter with his Girlfriend, Know About Their Relationship American Football

People who are familiar with American football may already know who Saquon Barkley is. He is the new running back for the New York Giants in the NFL. Saquon started getting the attention of major league with his impressive stats with his performance in the college football. He had played for Penn State University in his college years and broke numerous records held in Penn State.


Barkley is an athlete through and through, and we all know how popular athletes are with the ladies. Many girls are interested in Barkley, but he is in a relationship and has recently become a father as well.

Barkley's Newly Born Daughter

The year 2018 turned to be a great year for Barkley. He was drafted by the New York Giants in the second overall as their new running back. He now plays alongside Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning. But, that was only the second best news for him this year as just two days prior of the NFL Draft, he welcomed a daughter to the world. 

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He took it to Instagram to spread the news of him becoming a father. His girlfriend had announced the news that they were expecting a month earlier from her being birthed. His daughter was born on April 24, 2018, and was 20.5-inches tall and 8.4-pounds during birth. He named his daughter Jada Claire Barkley. Barkley told in an interview that He is looking forward to being a role model and setting an example for his kid.

Who is Barkley's Partner?

You now know all about Barkley's daughter, but who is the mother of his child? Barkley's partner and the mother of his daughter is Anna Congdon. She is a sophomore at Penn State University, the same university as Barkley.

Congdon is a fan of country music and Barkley not so much. However, within five months of dating, she had him going to a country concert with him which took place at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain. He has enough love for his girlfriend to the point where he is willing to try new things for her.


only took 5 months of dating for sa to come to a country concert with me

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Their relationship has taken a step forward with them having a child together. Both of them showed nothing but happiness in being parents. Though they have not been married or even engaged, the couple seems to be content with where things stand in their relationship at the moment.


happy 20th to my two-six

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Barkley is going professional in the major league of football and though he is famous now, his fame will only grow in the future. With fame comes fans who will throw themselves to him. Will Barkley's relationship with Congdon remain the same or will his new fame change things for the couple? That is the answer only time can tell but we hope that the couple remains together.