Winky Wright

by Sujan 25 Apr,2023
Winky Wright
Body Stats
Weight in KG 72 kg
Personal Info
  • Father Unknown
  • Relationship Status married
  • No. of Twitter Followers 26K
  • First Name Ronald
  • Fiance Sayquana Barney
  • No. of Instagram Followers 71.9K
  • Mother Unknown
  • Engaged Person Name Sayquana Barney
  • Last Name Wright
  • Birth Name Ronald Lamont Wright
  • Net Worth $8 Million
  • Facebook
  • Currently Married Sayquana Barney
  • Twitter
  • Siblings unknown
  • Salary
  • Married to Sayquana Barney
  • Birth Country United States
  • Past married if any No
  • Instagram
  • Children 1
  • Horoscope Sagittarius
  • Wife nationality American
  • Nationality American
  • Girlfriend N/A
  • Religion Christians
  • Profession Professional Boxer, Actor
  • Famous for Boxer, Actor
  • Height 179

Ronald "Winky" Wright is a retired professional boxer who is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. He held multiple championships in various weight classes, including two light-middleweight championships, and was the undisputed light heavyweight champion at the time of his retirement.

Wright was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2015. He has also appeared in TV series, music videos, and movies. Despite facing hardships, he overcame them and became successful in his career. Today, Wright's legacy continues to inspire aspiring athletes.

Winky Wright's Net Worth

Ronald "Winky" Wright's success in boxing has led him to achieve a net worth of $8 Million. Although he has made money from other endeavors, including appearances in movies and series and endorsements for brands like Reebok, Vitamin Water, Rocawear, and State Property, his boxing career remains the primary source of his wealth.

Winky Winky Wright's Collection of Cars in his back SOURCE: Clothingco.

In addition to his various business ventures, Winky has also established his own promotion company called Winky Promotions. Through this company, he has sought to provide opportunities for up-and-coming boxers to showcase their skills and gain exposure to the sport. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as he has been praised for his commitment to the sport and his desire to help young fighters succeed.

Winky's record label, "Pound 4 Pound Records," is another example of his entrepreneurial spirit. The label was established to promote up-and-coming hip-hop artists, and it has released several albums over the years.

Despite his success outside of the ring, Winky's dedication to boxing has never wavered. He remains involved in the sport, providing mentorship and guidance to young fighters and continuing to promote the sport through his various ventures. Overall, Winky's success in both boxing and business serves as an inspiration to many, showing that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

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Who is Winky Wright's Wife? Know About His Married Life and Children

Winky Wright married his long-time girlfriend, Sayquana Barney, in 2009. They have been together for a while, and the details of their relationship have been kept relatively private. Wright has expressed that he values his privacy, so there is not much public information about their personal life.

WinkyWinky loves his dearest wife SOURCE: Pinterest

However, there have been no reports of any disputes or problems between the couple. It seems that they have a stable and happy marriage. Wright is known to be a family man, and he spends a lot of time with his wife and children. He has a son and a grandson, whom he adores and enjoys spending time with.

Despite being a successful athlete and celebrity, Winky Wright has managed to keep his personal life out of the public eye, and he is very protective of his family's privacy. He has not disclosed much information about his personal life, but from what is known, it seems that he is content and happy with his family.

Winky Wright's Filmography and Music Videos

Following his retirement from boxing, Winky Wright decided to explore new opportunities in the entertainment industry. He had already made appearances in films since 2004, but he wanted to pursue acting and other ventures full-time.

Winky Winky Wright Preparing for his Premiere Show  SOURCE: IMDb

Wright has appeared in three movies/series: The Jury, State Property 2, and Loren Cass. In The Jury, a 2004 TV series, he played the character "Tony" in two episodes. State Property 2, released in 2005, was a crime drama in which Wright played "Monk," one of the lead characters. Loren Cass, a 2006 independent film, featured Wright in a supporting role as "Bobby."

Aside from his work in films, Wright has also made a memorable appearance in a music video for Busta Rhymes. In the video for "Touch It (Remix)," released in 2006, Wright can be seen in a cameo role as a boxer.

Additionally, Wright has his own record label, Pound 4 Pound Records, which he founded in 2008. Through his label, he has released music from several artists, including rapper Tha Chill.

Overall, Winky Wright's foray into the entertainment industry has allowed him to explore new opportunities and showcase his talents beyond the boxing ring.

Great Fights of Winky Wright's Career: Winky Wright vs. Shane Mosley and Felix Trinidad

In 2004, Shane Mosley challenged Winky Wright to a fight, which Wright accepted. Despite Mosley's size advantage, Wright made him uncomfortable and won the match, taking Mosley's titles. Mosley challenged Wright to a rematch, which Wright also won via unanimous decision, even though he purposely gave up some rounds.

Winky Winky Wright in his match against MosleySOURCE: Youtube

After vacating his middleweight title, Wright challenged Felix Trinidad and won the match after several rounds. These were some of the great fights of Wright's career.

Winky Wright's Retirement from Boxing

After a successful career, Winky Wright started to experience a decline in his performance in 2011. Despite his efforts, he suffered several losses, leading him to take a break from his career.

Wright Wright during his retirement SOURCE: Sportscasting

In 2012, after losing a match to Peter Quillin, Wright announced his retirement from boxing. His retirement saddened many of his fans and supporters, who recognized his skills and contributions to the sport. Despite retiring from boxing, Winky's legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time remains intact.

Early Life and Career Beginnings of Winky Wright

Winky Wright was born on November 25, 1971, in Washington, D.C., and was raised by his maternal grandparents and a single mother. He grew up with his uncle, Byron, who was just two months his senior. Winky's grandfather suddenly moved the family to St. Petersburg, Florida when he was 15 years old, causing him to feel unhappy with the change.

 Wright is ready to make his mark  SOURCE:

One day, while bored and wandering around after basketball practice, Winky stumbled upon a gym in Birmingham. Three weeks later, he became the Florida Golden Gloves Champion in the novice class at just 16 years old. Within two years, Winky compiled a 65-7 amateur record and found his passion for boxing. He has since dedicated himself to his career and has become a highly respected and successful boxer.


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