What's Aaron Rodgers Networth in 2018 After The Packers Star Penned The Largest Contract In The NFL history

by Roy Mon Sep,2018
What's Aaron Rodgers Networth in 2018 After The Packers Star Penned The Largest Contract In The NFL history

Aaron Rodgers, the American football quarterback has earned quite the reputation for himself since his debut. He has been selected Super Bowl MVP and was voted League MVP by the Associated Press for the 2011 and 2014. He has led his team to many victories showing time and again how high caliber the player has.


Due to all his hard work, his value has been well recognized by his teams and recently, he has signed one of the largest contracts in the NFL history. Continue reading the article to find out all about his net worth and also the huge contract deal that he penned down.

Net Worth of Aaron Rodgers

The one and only Aaron Rodgers' net worth is estimated to be $70 million. People in sports and those who are at the top of their particular sports do earn very well from their career and it is the similar case for Rodgers as well. He makes millions as a professional NFL player each year.

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Aaron Rodgers' name carries a high value and many big brand companies are willing to pay a large amount of money just to be associated with that name. He has been endorsed by big name brands like Nike, Bergstrom Automotive, Previa Healthcare, and Adidas. He is reported to have made $7.5 million in earnings from his endorsement deals alone. You can now see just how much value his name has.

CAPTION: Rodger's Cali House SOURCE: ifollosports

As much as Aaron Rodgers earns money, he loves to spend money just as much. He owns two houses one in Wisconsin and the other back in California the city where he grew up in. His 5,771-square-foot mansion, in Cali, is estimated to be over $10 million.

Rodgers has a huge net worth and he is not afraid to show it. His net worth only looks to grow in the future since he has penned down the largest contract in the NFL history. So, how huge is the contract?

The Largest contract in NFL History

Aaron Rodgers and The Green Bay Packers go together way back. One of the biggest contracts that Aaron Rodgers sealed the deal with was a $65 million contract with The Green Bay Packers which was in 2008. His next contract extension was almost double of his previous one with a $110 million contract over five years which was signed in 2013.

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It seems like The Packers have not had enough of Rodgers since in August of 2018, they offered him one of the record-breaking deals in the NFL history. Rodgers signed a $134 million contract extension over four years with the team which is the biggest contract to have ever been formed. Add incentive to his huge salary, and this contract is likely to bring Rodgers $180 million by the end.

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The contract also guarantees Rodgers with $67 million by the end of the current year while the contract extension will keep Rodgers tied with the team till the 2023 season. His new contract averages his annual salary at $33.5 million annually which beats the previous record held by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan who makes $30 million annually from his contract.


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