Vasyl Lomachenko

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Facts of Vasyl Lomachenko

Full Name
Vasyl Lomachenko
Last Name
Birth Name
Vasyl Anatoliyovich Lomachenko
First Name
Famous Name
Vasyl Lomachenko
Married to
Elena Lomachenko
Currently Married
Relationship Status
Anatoly Lomachenko
Anatoly Lomachenko and Viktoria Lomachenko


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$15 Million


Married to
Elena Lomachenko
Currently Married
Relationship Status

Vasyl Anatoliyovych Lomachenko, born on February 17, 1988, is a highly accomplished Ukrainian professional boxer. Renowned as one of the greatest amateur boxers in history, he boasts an astounding record of 396 wins and just one loss, which he successfully avenged twice. Lomachenko transitioned to the professional boxing scene in 2013, following his second Olympic gold medal victory.

Throughout his career, he has achieved remarkable success, securing six world titles across three weight classes and currently holding a professional record of 17-3, with 11 knockout wins and six title victories. Lomachenko's technical prowess and ability to seamlessly switch between orthodox and southpaw stances have further solidified his reputation as an exceptional fighter.

Lomachenko Net Worth: Vasyl Lomachenko Salary, Career Earnings, and UFC Earnings

Vasiliy Lomachenko is a highly esteemed boxer who has made a name for himself in the sport. He is currently under contract with Top Rank, a prominent boxing promotion brand. Lomachenko competes in three weight divisions and holds titles in each of them, highlighting his versatility and success in different categories.

VasiliyVasyl Lomachenko has an estimated net worth of $15 Million. SOURCE: Instagram- @lomachenkovasiliy

According to various sources, Lomachenko has an estimated net worth of $15 million. His net worth has steadily increased over the years, starting at $10 million in 2018 and growing by approximately $1 million annually. This consistent growth can be attributed to his lucrative payouts from fights and endorsements.

Lomachenko's professional boxing career has been notable, with an impressive record of 17 wins and 2 losses. He has faced renowned opponents and earned substantial payouts in his matches. His highest guaranteed payout to date was in his fight against Jamaine Ortis in 2022, where he received a base salary of $5 million along with additional pay-per-view (PPV) shares, totaling an estimated $11 million from that bout alone.

Looking ahead, Lomachenko's upcoming fight against Devin Haney is highly anticipated, with expectations of another significant payday. The bout promises to showcase two exceptional boxers, drawing the interest of their respective fan bases. Lomachenko's popularity and financial success are expected to continue to grow as he maintains his position as one of the top boxers in the world.

Lomachenko Wife, Elena Lomachenko: Vasyl Lomachenko and Elna are Blessed with Two Children

Vasiliy Lomachenko, the highly regarded boxer, has been married to Elena Lomachenko for quite some time. However, the exact date of their marriage remains unknown to the public. Lomachenko is known for keeping his personal life away from the spotlight, and this includes details about his marriage and family life. Despite being a public figure, he chooses to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to his personal affairs.

VasiliyVasiliy Lomachenko is married to his wife, Elena Lomachenko. SOURCE: Instagram- @lomachenkovasiliy

The couple shares the joy of parenthood with the presence of two children. They have a son named Anatoly Lomachenko and a daughter named Viktoria Lomachenko. While Lomachenko's professional achievements and boxing career often make headlines, his family life remains largely undisclosed. Elena Lomachenko, in particular, keeps a low profile, and limited information is available about her.

Vasiliy Lomachenko's preference for privacy is evident as he tends to avoid media attention and discussions about his personal life. Instead, he remains focused on his boxing career and strives to keep his private matters separate from his public image. This approach has allowed him to maintain a certain level of mystique and keep the attention primarily on his remarkable skills inside the boxing ring.

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Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko Vasyl Lomachenko Next Fight

Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko are set to face each other in an eagerly anticipated matchup following Gervonta Davis's recent victory. Haney, known for his willingness to take on tough opponents, will have the opportunity to prove himself against the former lightweight champion Lomachenko. The winner of this fight could potentially face Davis, the current WBA (regular) lightweight champion, in a highly anticipated future showdown.

Haney vs. Lomachenko bout is scheduled for May 20 and will be produced by Top Rank, available for viewing on ESPN+ pay-per-view. Haney has held multiple lightweight titles since 2019, including the WBA, IBF, WBO, and The Ring belts, and he successfully defended them against George Kambosos Jr. in a rematch. The stage is set for an exciting clash in the loaded lightweight division, as Haney seeks to solidify his status as a top fighter by taking on the formidable challenge presented by Lomachenko.

Lomachenko Fight Records: Vasyl Lomachenko Losses, and Wins; Fight Stats

Vasyl Lomachenko, a highly accomplished Ukrainian professional boxer, boasts an impressive record of 17 wins, 3 losses, and no draws. Known for his exceptional skills inside the ring, Lomachenko has secured victory in 11 of his bouts by knockout. Prior to turning professional, he enjoyed a remarkable amateur career, capturing two Olympic gold medals and amassing a staggering 396 wins with only a single defeat.

VasiliyVasiliy Lomachenko enjoys fishing.  SOURCE: Instagram- @lomachenkovasiliy

Throughout his professional journey, Lomachenko has proven his versatility by conquering multiple weight divisions. He holds the distinction of being a three-weight-class world champion, having claimed six world titles across featherweight, super featherweight, and lightweight categories. Notably, Lomachenko made his professional boxing debut at the age of 25 on October 12, 2013, and has since been recognized for his technical prowess and ability to seamlessly switch between orthodox and southpaw stances. With a current record of 17 wins, 3 losses, and 0 draws, Lomachenko's upcoming fight against Devin Haney on May 20, 2023, is highly anticipated.

In summary, Vasyl Lomachenko's boxing career exemplifies his exceptional talent and unwavering determination. With his remarkable achievements as a professional, including multiple world titles and an impressive knockout record, Lomachenko continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As he prepares for his next challenge against Devin Haney, fans eagerly await another display of Lomachenko's exceptional skills and the excitement that comes with his remarkable performances in the ring.

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Vasyl Lomachenko Amateur Record: Lomachenko's Age, Height and Weight

Vasyl Lomachenko, widely regarded as one of the most talented boxers in the world, possesses a unique ability to seamlessly switch between the orthodox and southpaw stances during his fights. This versatility has been a key factor in his success across three weight classes: featherweight, super featherweight, and lightweight. Lomachenko's ability to effortlessly adapt his style to different opponents and situations has made him a formidable force in the ring.

Vasiliy Vasiliy Lomachenko is going to fight with De  SOURCE: Instagram- @lomachenkovasiliy

1. Weight Classes: Featherweight, Super Featherweight, Lightweight

2. World Titles Held: WBO Featherweight, WBO Super Featherweight, WBA Lightweight, WBO Lightweight, WBC Lightweight, The Ring Lightweight

3. Professional Debut: October 12, 2013

4. Knockout Wins: 11 out of 20 fights

5. Losses: 3

6. Amateur Record: 396 wins and 1 defeat

7. Olympic Gold Medals: Two

8. Current Age: 35 years old

9. Height: 170 cm (5'6.93")

10. Reach: 166 cm (5'5.35")

11. Nickname: Hi-Tech

From Amateur Boxing to Professional:

Before turning professional, Lomachenko had an illustrious amateur career with an astonishing record of 396 wins and only one loss. His accomplishments include two Olympic gold medals and the prestigious Val Barker Trophy for being the most outstanding boxer at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Lomachenko's exceptional skill set and unmatched success as an amateur boxer laid a solid foundation for his professional career.

In the professional arena, Lomachenko boasts a record of 17 wins, 3 losses, and 0 draws. Eleven of his victories have come by knockout, highlighting his explosive punching power. As a former unified lightweight world champion, Lomachenko has clinched an impressive total of six world titles across different weight classes. His remarkable talent, combined with his extensive amateur experience, has solidified Lomachenko's status as one of the most accomplished and exciting boxers of his generation.


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