Sander Sagosen

PSR 23 Jun,2023

Facts of Sander Sagosen

Full Name
Sander Sagosen
Last Name
First Name
Married to
Hanna Oftedal Sagosen
Currently Married
Hanna Oftedal Sagosen
Relationship Status
Erlend Sagosen
Monica Sagosen
Ine Sagosen
No. of Siblings
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No. of Instagram Followers
90.1 K


Career & Net worth

€1.5 Million
Net Worth
$2 Million


Married to
Hanna Oftedal Sagosen
Currently Married
Hanna Oftedal Sagosen
Relationship Status

Sander Sagosen is a talented handball player from Norway who plays in the position of center-back for both THW Kiel and the Norwegian national team. Throughout his career, Sagosen has showcased his skills while representing various teams, including Kolstad IF, Haslum HK, Aalborg Håndbold, and Paris Saint-Germain. 

Sagosen has been recognized for his outstanding performances and has earned several honors in different leagues and competitions. He clinched the German Championship with THW Kiel in 2021, and the German Cup in 2022. Sagosen is happily married to his former handball colleague, Hanna Bredal Oftedal.

Sander Sagosen Net Worth: Know the Details about Sagosen's Net Worth

Sander Sagosen has accumulated a substantial net worth of approximately $2 million, primarily through his successful career in professional handball. Although the exact figure of his net worth remains undisclosed, Sagosen's earnings have been significantly boosted by his contributions to the sport. He has showcased his talents while representing renowned teams such as Aalborg Håndbold, Paris Saint-Germain, and THW Kiel, consistently delivering exceptional performances on the court.

SanderSander Sagosen has an estimated net worth of $2 Million  SOURCE: Instagram- @snadersagosen

Throughout his career, Sagosen has achieved remarkable success, clinching numerous titles and trophies both at the club and international levels. His involvement with esteemed teams has allowed him to secure various championships, showcasing his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay. Alongside his teammates, Sagosen has celebrated victories and earned recognition for his significant contributions to their success.

Sagosen's outstanding performance in handball has not gone unnoticed, as he has been honored with individual awards that acknowledge his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. His skillful gameplay, relentless work ethic, and ability to make a significant impact during matches have earned him prestigious accolades, further enhancing his reputation within the handball community.

Sander Sagosen Career Earnings: How much Money did Sander Earn from Handball

Sander Sagosen's career earnings remain undisclosed and it is speculated that his accumulated wealth might exceed $3 million. Although specific information regarding his financial gains is unavailable, it is evident that Sagosen's successful tenure as a professional handball player has likely contributed substantially to his overall earnings. Having represented renowned teams such as Aalborg Handbold, Paris Saint-Germain, and THW Kiel, he has undoubtedly received lucrative contracts and rewards for his exceptional performances.

SanderSander Sagosen plays for the Norwegian National Team.  SOURCE: Instagram- @snadersagosen

Throughout his illustrious career, Sagosen has consistently displayed remarkable skills and contributed significantly to his team's achievements. His participation in various competitions and championships, both at the club and international level, has resulted in numerous titles and accolades. While the exact figures elude us, the combination of his successful career trajectory and the rewards associated with his triumphs suggests that Sander Sagosen has amassed a considerable fortune.

Sander Sagosen Wife, Hanna Oftedal: Sander and Hanna Married Life

Sander Sagosen and Hanna Bredal Oftedal are both esteemed handball players who entered the next chapter of their relationship by exchanging vows in 2022. Hanna, a retired Norwegian handball player, had most recently been associated with the Danish club Silkeborg-Voel KFUM.

SanderSander Sagosen with his pregnant wife.  SOURCE: Instagram- @snadersagosen

She represented Norway in various international competitions including the 2013 Women's Junior European Handball Championship, where her team secured 4th place, and the 2014 Women's Junior World Handball Championship, where they achieved a 9th place finish.

Interestingly, Hanna Bredal Oftedal is the younger sister of Stine Bredal Oftedal, another prominent Norwegian handball player. The siblings have made notable contributions to the sport, showcasing their skills and representing their country on numerous occasions.

In the present moment, Hanna Bredal Oftedal is embracing an exciting new phase of her life as she awaits the arrival of her and Sander Sagosen's child. The couple is eagerly anticipating parenthood and the joys that it brings. Their growing family signifies a continuation of their love and commitment to one another, as they embark on this beautiful journey together.

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Sander Sagosen Sponsors and Contracts: Sagosen is Endorsed by Adidas

Sander Sagosen proudly aligns himself with the Adidas brand as an Adidas athlete and as evident from his Instagram profile. He has demonstrated his preference for Adidas handball shoes, sharing his choice with his followers through social media posts. This association highlights his endorsement and support for the brand.

Sander CAPTION: Sander Sagosen trains at the gym.  SOURCE: Instagram- @snadersagosen

Although Sander Sagosen's affiliation with Adidas is apparent, specific information regarding the details of his contract with Adidas or any other sponsors he may have remains undisclosed. While it is possible that he has additional sponsorship agreements with other brands,

Sander Sagosen has opted to maintain privacy regarding such deals, keeping them away from public knowledge. As a professional athlete, Sagosen may have entered into various partnerships and endorsements throughout his career, but the specifics of these arrangements are not readily available to the public.

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Sander Sagosen Handball Carer Journey: Sander's Handball Stats

Sander Sagosena showcased his skills as a center-back during the 2022/23 season of the EHF Champions League while representing THW Kiel. Throughout the tournament, he displayed his goal-scoring prowess by netting a total of 48 goals. His contributions on the court were instrumental in his team's performance.

Sander Sagosen possesses physical attributes that complement his playing style. Standing tall at 1.95 meters (6 feet 4 inches) and weighing 103 kilograms (227 pounds), his imposing presence adds an advantage to his gameplay. These physical attributes contribute to his agility, strength, and overall effectiveness on the handball court.

Sander Sagosen's club career has seen him represent several esteemed teams. From his early days at Kolstad IF and Haslum HK to his stints at Aalborg Håndbold, Paris Saint-Germain, and his current club THW Kiel, he has left a mark wherever he has played. With his clubs, he has achieved notable success, securing titles such as the German Championship (Gold: 2021), German Cup (Gold: 2022), French Championship, and Danish Championship (Gold: 2017).

Sander Sagosen's exceptional performance on the handball court has earned him individual recognition and accolades. He has been honored with The World Young Player award for three consecutive seasons, specifically for his outstanding performances during the 2014/2015, 2015/2016, and 2016/2017 seasons. These individual awards highlight his remarkable talent and solidify his status as one of the sport's rising stars.


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