Who is the Nikola Karabatic Married To? Nikola's Wife, Children and Married Life. Also Know His Net Worth, Earnings and Contracts

Tue Jun,2023
Who is the Nikola Karabatic Married To? Nikola's Wife, Children and Married Life. Also Know His Net Worth, Earnings and Contracts Handball

Nikola Karabatic is a successful French handball player who began his career at Montpellier HB and achieved consecutive French championships from 2002 to 2005. He has played for prominent teams like Montpellier Handball, THW Kiel, and Paris Saint-Germain. Karabatic's international accomplishments include two Olympic gold medals and three World Championship gold medals with the French national team.

Recognized as the IHF World Player of the Year three times, he excels as a center-back. With an estimated net worth of $6 million, Karabatic hails from Nis, Yugoslavia, and comes from a handball family. He retired from the French national team in 2021 and is married to Geraldine Pillet.

Nikola Karabatic Wife, Geraldine Pillet: Know about Nikola and Geraldine Children and Married Life

Nikola Karabatic and Geraldine Pillet's love story began in 2010 when they first met. After three years of courtship, the couple decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony held in the picturesque south of France on July 13, 2013. The wedding was an intimate affair and was attended by their closest friends and family members who gathered to celebrate their union.

NikolaNikola Karabatic with his daughter Nora.  SOURCE: Instagram- @nikolakarabatic44

Nikola and Geraldine have built a beautiful life together, the couple is blessed with two children named Alec and Nora. Their journey as a couple has spanned over a decade, and they have been a constant presence at various public events, capturing the attention of fans and media alike. Their strong bond and enduring love are evident in their public appearances, where they radiate happiness and togetherness.

Nikola and Geraldine have also been featured in photoshoots and interviews together. These glimpses into their relationship have allowed fans and followers to see the genuine connection and mutual support they share. As they continue to navigate life's adventures side by side, Nikola and Geraldine's love story serves as an inspiration to many.

Nikola Karabatic Net Worth: How much is Nikola Worth?

Nikola Karabatic has amassed an estimated net worth of $6 million. His professional career has been marked by playing for esteemed teams such as Montpellier Handball, THW Kiel, and Paris Saint-Germain. Karabatic has achieved remarkable success, clinching significant titles and awards.

NikolaNikola Karabatic has an estimated net worth of $6 Million. SOURCE: Instagram- @nikolakarabatic44

Nikola proudly boasts two gold medals from the Summer Olympics in 2008 and 2012, as well as three gold medals from the World Championship in 2009, 2011, and 2015, all representing the French national handball team.

Karabatic has garnered lucrative sponsorships and endorsements, further bolstering his net worth. As a prominent athlete, his impressive performances and reputation have attracted various brand collaborations and promotional deals. These business ventures have played a substantial role in augmenting his financial standing.

Karabatic has demonstrated his astuteness in investing. He has allocated his earnings to diverse ventures, making strategic investments that have contributed to the growth of his net worth. Through calculated financial decisions, he has expanded his wealth beyond his achievements in handball, solidifying his financial stability and future prospects.

Nikola Karabatic Career Earnings and Details about His PSG Contract

Nikola Karabatic has been an integral part of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) since joining the team in 2015. His contract with PSG guaranteed him a salary of €750,000 which is supplemented by bonuses. He receives a base salary of €350,000 from the french national team. Karabatic is set to participate in the upcoming European Championship, representing his country.

Nikola Nikola Karabatic is in contract with PSG.  SOURCE: Instagram- @nikolakarabatic44

Although there is no specific information regarding the renewal of his contract with PSG, retirement plans, or potential club changes, it is important to note that contract details and career earnings are not available in the provided search results. If there are any updates or developments regarding Karabatic's contractual situation or career progression we will make sure to provide the information here.

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Nikola Karabatic Handball Stats and Titles

Nikola Karabatic has had an impressive career playing for several prominent teams. He has showcased his skills and contributed to the success of Montpellier Handball, THW Kiel, and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). 

Karabatic has accumulated numerous titles and awards, including prestigious gold medals in the Summer Olympics and the World Championship as a member of the French national handball team. His exceptional performance has earned him recognition and admiration in the handball community.

NikolaNikola Karabatic played handball for Montpellier and THW K in the past.  SOURCE: Instagram- @nikolakarabatic44

Karabatic's achievements extend beyond team victories. He has scored remarkable 703 goals in 165 matches while representing the French national team since 2002. His prowess as a center-back has been crucial in both the defensive and offensive aspects of the game. Karabatic is associated with Paris Saint-Germain Handball, donning the number 44 shirt and exhibiting his expertise from the center-back position.

Karabatic has been a prominent figure in the handball world consistently showcasing his exceptional talent and contributing to his team's success. Whether representing his country or playing for top clubs the athlete's performances have solidified his status as one of the sport's most accomplished and respected players.

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Nikola Karabatic Age, Height, and Handball Journey

Nikola Karabatic was born on April 11, 1984, in Nis, SR Serbia. Standing tall at 196 cm (6 feet 5 inches), his height gives him an advantage on the handball court which allows him to excel in various aspects of the game.

Karabatic's handball journey began at Montpellier HB which is a renowned French club where he kick-started his professional career. Nikola has had the opportunity to represent several prestigious teams, including Montpellier Handball, THW Kiel, and Paris Saint-Germain. These experiences have provided him with invaluable exposure to different playing styles and enhanced his skills as a versatile handball player.