Ryan O’Reilly Removes Tooth To Deliver ESPY Award Speech

Thu Jul,2019
Ryan O’Reilly Removes Tooth To Deliver ESPY Award Speech Ice Hockey

The St. Louis Blues, a clearly worthy team won the ESPY Award for the Comeback of the Year and a funny yet notable moment occurred on-stage when The St. Louis Blues players took the podium for the honor.

Every time Ryan O’Reilly is on the TV screen there is a chance something funny might happen, be it his curse word popping out or be it addressing a fan from ESPY's. However, July 11 brings a different story, Team captain Ryan O'Reilly spoke out on behalf of his roster and he did something that you do not see in any other sport. O'Reilly announced that he would strip away his tooth so that he would be able to talk more clearly.

CAPTION: The St. Louis Blues Captain Ryan O'Reilly Thanks a Fan SOURCE: NHL TV

So, here's O'Reilly casually taking his tooth off on live TV and offering a great lesson.

The 28-year-old Clinton, Ont. pulled out his fake tooth, for fear that "he could spit on any of the celebrities in the front row," before addressing the crowd with his teammates around him.

O’Reilly on his best comeback Speach touched hearts with: 

"Big thanks to the fans of St. Louis, There were some dark times this year and they stuck with us. They kept buying tickets and supporting us and eventually we got things going and turned it around"

In addition, he mentioned Laila Anderson, an 11-year-old superfan. About a minute long speech from Ryan was really well-performed, heartwarming and touching.