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Kaimana Pa'aluhi
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Kaimana Pa'aluhi
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Kaimana Pa'aluhi
Max Holloway
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David Pa’aluhi
Raquel Pa’ahuli, Farren Real
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Max Holloway
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Kaimana Pa'aluhi is a professional model who is popularly known as the ex-wife of famous MMA fighter Max Holloway. Max is competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)'s Featherweight division and the former UFC Featherweight Champion. 

Pa'aluhi and his ex-husband, Max, are also the parents of a son named Rush Holloway. The former couple had a great bond in their initial phase, but later, it began getting sour. So, they separated in 2014 and officially divorced in 2017. 

Kaimana Pa'aluhi Former Husband, Max Holloway is now married to Alessa Quizon

Alessa Quizon and Max Holloway got married on April 16, 2022, at Ko Olina Resort in Hawaii. Their relationship began in February 2020, and Holloway publicly announced their engagement on November 17, 2020, through his social media platforms. During a UFC 276 countdown, Holloway mentioned his wife, Alessa Holloway, for the first time, acknowledging that she is a professional surfer. He expressed that their shared background as professional athletes from the same hometown makes their relationship a perfect match.

MaxMax Holloway with his current wife, Alessa Holloway.  SOURCE: Instragram- @alessaquizonn 

After Max Holloway's divorce, Holloway walked down the wedding aisle with Alessa Quizon on August 27, 2022, the couple will their first year anniversary and might welcome a newborn to their family soon. Overall the duo is residing a tranquil life full of love, happiness, and warmth that he lacked with her former wife, Kaimana Pa'aluhi

Max Holloway Former Wife, Kaimana Pa'aluhi: Mox's Wife is a Stunning Model

Kaimana Pa'aluhi is a beautiful model. She is famous because of her ex-husband Max Holloway. Kaimana tied the knot with her boyfriend, Max Holloway, in 2012 in a lavish wedding ceremony attended by some of her friends and family members.

Kaimana dated her spouse, the famous UFC fighter Max for a long time before getting married. They enjoyed their marital life for almost two years. As per the sources, when Max had a hard time in his UFC career, she was always beside her husband.

Kaimana Kaimana Pa'aluhi and Max Holloway in a photoshoot.  SOURCE: Pinterest

Despite all this, they finally got divorced in 2014, but the reason for their divorce is still under review as they haven't shared much about the incident. By looking at their relationship, no one would have guessed it would end in divorce. It cannot be said that every relationship will have a happy ending, and Kaimana and her ex-husband's relationship is a fine example of it.

Before getting divorced, she gave birth to a son named Rush. Despite being away from his ex-wife, he takes good care of his son. In addition, soon after Kaimana and Max divorced, he started dating a girl named Moani Hara. Kaimana is a single mother, and so far, she hasn't been reported dating anyone, which clears that she might be busy taking care of her son.

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Max Holloway Net Worth, Contract, Salary, and Career Earnings: How Rich is Holloway's Former Wife, Kalman Pa'aluhi?

Pa'aluhi is a professional model. So, it is well-known to all that professional models are well-paid. The salary of the models starts from a sum of around $50,000 to hundreds of thousands. Compared with other professional models' salaries, Kaimana's annual salary is around $50,000.

Moreover, Pa'aluhi's net worth is estimated to be above $500,000, which she made from her modeling career. Additionally, Kaimana's ex-husband Max Holloway is a professional UFC fighter with over $1 million current net worth.

Max Holloway promoting NIKE SOURCE: Playerswiki.com

Max is reportedly making over $500,000 from his professional UFC career. Most of Max's earnings include his win bonus as he won several fights. Besides his financial earnings, he also possesses several expensive car brands, some of them Chrysler, worth $45,270.

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Kalmana Pa'aluhi's Ex-husband, Chris Krik  Endorsements and Sponsorships

Max Holloway earns a decent amount from various sponsorships as he is currently signed to NIKE. As per the reports, his annual income from endorsement is around $1 million. Some brands that sponsor him are Hyundai, Nike, Allmax (a protein drink with his name on it), and Budweiser.

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Kalmana Pa'aluhi's Life Before Fame

Kaimana Pa'aluhi is a native of the United States, and she spent her childhood there with her siblings. She was interested in modeling from childhood and was always persuaded by her parents. As per some sources, she worked as a model in her early days.

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Kalmana Pa'aluhi's Husband, Max Holloway Professional Career

Kaimana Pa'aluhi is a professional model who started modeling in her childhood. She worked as a model for the Wilhelmina Hawai’i Modeling Agency when she was just 16 years old. She was a former child actress and worked in several movies.

KaimanaKaimana Pa'aluhi is a model by profession.  SOURCE: TG Time

Pa'aluhi played the role of young Princess Kaiulani when she was 12 years old. Her movie director described her as  “passionate, lovely, and haunting.” during that time. Despite being a model, she is popularly known as the ex-wife of famous MMA fighter Max Holloway.

Kalmana Pa'aluhi's Ex- Husband, Max Holloway Boxing Stats at MMA, UFC in the Featherweight Division

Max Holloway is primarily known for his career in mixed martial arts (MMA) and not boxing. He competes in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and has achieved significant success in MMA.

In his professional MMA career, Holloway holds a record of 24 wins and 7 losses. He has gained recognition for his impressive 13-fight winning streak in the UFC Featherweight division, which ties him with notable fighters like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and Demetrious Johnson for the most consecutive wins within a division.

Holloway's notable achievements include becoming the UFC Featherweight Champion by defeating José Aldo in 2017 and successfully defending his title against top contenders like Brian Ortega. His skill, dedication, and consistent performances have established him as one of the leading fighters in the sport of MMA.


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