Isaiah Stewart Arrested: Detroit Pistons Star Involved in Pregame Brawl with Phoenix Suns

Fri Feb,2024
Isaiah Stewart Arrested: Detroit Pistons Star Involved in Pregame Brawl with Phoenix Suns Basketball

Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly punching Phoenix Suns center Drew Eubanks in the parking lot of the Footprint Center, just hours before the teams were scheduled to play. The incident has stirred controversy and drawn criticism from both teams and the NBA. So, let's delve into what exactly happened and explore the ensuing consequences.

What Happened?

A center for the Detroit Pistons named Isaiah Stewart was arrested for an attack on February 14, 2024. It happened in the Phoenix parking lot of the Footprint Center. Stewart is said to have hit Phoenix Suns center Drew Eubanks.

Isaiah-StewartIsaiah Stewart was arrested for punching Eubanks before the game.

According to witnesses, the fight got worse when Stewart punched Eubanks in the lip, hurting it slightly. Security stepped in to keep the two players apart, and cops were called to the scene. 

What Are The Consequences?

Stewart was given a ticket by Phoenix police and then let go while the probe continued. Stewart wasn't going to play because his left ankle was hurt, which was already known. Eubanks, meanwhile, played in the game and helped the Suns beat the Pistons 116–100 with six points and eight rebounds in 18 minutes.

The NBA is likely to do its probe and may fine or suspend the players who were involved. The Pistons said they knew about what happened and were actively gathering information to give to the NBA and the local police. In reaction, the Suns stood by Eubanks and said the attack was wrong and shouldn't have happened.

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What is the Background?

This isn't the first time Stewart has been in a fight on the court. The two got into a fight in 2021 after James elbowed him in the face during a game for the Los Angeles Lakers. Stewart was banned for two games and James was suspended for one game because they were involved in the fight.

Isaiah-StewartIsaiah Stewart allegedly struck Phoenix Suns center Drew Eubanks.

In addition, he is 22 years old and is in his second season with the Pistons. Each game he averages 9.2 points and 8.7 rebounds. In the 2020 NBA draft, he was picked with the 16th overall pick.

On the other hand, Eubanks is 27 years old and in his fourth season with the Suns. He averages 3.6 points and 3.4 boards per game. He came into the league without being picked in the draft in 2018 and later signed with the Suns as a two-way player.

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What Are The Reactions?

Fans, the media, and other players have all had different responses to the fight between Stewart and Eubanks before the game. Some people have said that Stewart isn't acting professionally or maturely enough, which has made them wonder about his future in the league.

On the other hand, others have supported him, saying that he was driven and competitive and that Eubanks made him do it. People have also said that it's like famous NBA fights from the past, like the "Malice at the Palace" in 2004 and the "Kermit Washington-Rudy Tomjanovich punch" in 1977.

Devin Booker, the Suns' best player, spoke out in support of Eubanks and hoped that the league would punish Stewart. He also made it clear that the situation did not take the Suns' attention away from the game or their winning streak.

Likewise, Coach Monty Williams of the Pistons didn't say anything until all the facts were known. He said that the Suns were wrong to say that the attack was not justified and that he didn't want the event to take away from the game or the players' work.

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