2024 NBA Trades: A Closer Look At Who Got Traded!

Fri Feb,2024
2024 NBA Trades: A Closer Look At Who Got Traded! Basketball

The 2024 NBA trade deadline saw a flurry of activity, marking it as one of the busiest in recent memory. A total of 20 trades took place, involving nearly every team except seven. 

However, most of these trades were minor, lacking the significant impact to reshape the league landscape. Notably absent were blockbuster deals involving superstar players or top contenders.

Instead, the most notable player movements included Bojan Bogdanovic, Buddy Hield, and Spencer Dinwiddie. Let's delve into some of these trades and examine how they may affect the teams involved.

Knicks acquire Bogdanovic & Burks

The New York Knicks did well at the trade deadline. They got two good players for their team without having to give away any important players or future picks. They traded for Bojan Bogdanovic from the Atlanta Hawks and Alec Burks from the Utah Jazz.

Both of these guys are good at shooting and scoring, which the Knicks needed because they weren't doing so well on offense before. Bogdanovic can play as a forward and can start in different positions, giving the Knicks more options. Burks can come off the bench and be a reliable backup player.

What's cool is that the Knicks didn't have to trade away any of their young core players or any of their future draft picks. This means they still have a chance to get even better players later on. Right now, the Knicks are in fourth place in the Eastern Conference, and with their improved team, they could do well in the playoffs. 

Bucks Trade for Beverley

The Milwaukee Bucks made a small move to strengthen their guard position by trading for Patrick Beverley from the Philadelphia 76ers. They gave up Cameron Payne and a future second-round pick to get him. Beverley is a veteran known for his strong defense and toughness.

In addition, he can play alongside or back up Jrue Holiday and guard different positions on the court. He's also pretty good at shooting three-pointers. The Bucks didn't lose much in the trade since Beverley's contract is expiring soon. He could be a helpful addition as they aim for a championship.

Raptors trade for Dinwiddie

The Toronto Raptors surprised everyone by trading for Spencer Dinwiddie from the Brooklyn Nets. Dinwiddie had been out most of the season with a torn ACL. In exchange for him, the Raptors gave up Dennis Schroder and Thaddeus Young. Dinwiddie has a choice to stay for next season.

The Raptors are taking a chance on Dinwiddie getting better, as he was playing well before getting injured, averaging 20.6 points and 6.8 assists per game. If he recovers fully, he could team up with Fred VanVleet to make a strong backcourt for the Raptors.

Right now, the Raptors aren't in the playoffs, but with Dinwiddie back in top form, they could do better next season.

Suns trade for O’Neale

The Phoenix Suns pulled off a three-team trade with the Brooklyn Nets and the Memphis Grizzlies to get Royce O’Neale, a forward who's great at both defending and shooting. They gave the Nets three future second-round picks and sent Yuta Watanabe to the Grizzlies.

In return, the Nets got a future pick swap from the Grizzlies and David Roddy from the Suns. O’Neale is a valuable player who can easily fit into the Suns’ style of play. He can start in one position or come off the bench and play different roles.

Likewise, he's been shooting well from three-point range this season and is good at guarding the other team’s top players. The Suns are second in the Western Conference, and with their strong and deep team, they can take on any opponent in the league.

Mavs trade for Washington & Gafford

The Dallas Mavericks made two trades to strengthen their frontcourt and get more size and athleticism. They acquired P.J. Washington from the Charlotte Hornets and Daniel Gafford from the Washington Wizards, giving up Grant Williams, Seth Curry, and a 2027 first-round pick to the Hornets, and a second-round pick to the Wizards.

Washington is a young and talented big man who can shoot from outside and play inside the paint. Gafford is a center known for his ability to run toward the basket and block shots, adding energy and strong defense. 

With a need for improvement in rebounding and shot-blocking, as they rank low in these areas, Washington and Gafford can complement stars like Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, providing the Mavericks with more versatility.

Although the Mavs are seventh in the Western Conference with a powerful offense, enhancing their defense and rebounding will be crucial for a deeper playoff run.

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