Has Anthony Davis changed his Signature look Shaving his Unibrow? Or is it just an April Fool?

by Jack Ol Sun Apr,2018
Has Anthony Davis changed his Signature look Shaving his Unibrow? Or is it just an April Fool?

Is it actually real or is this the next example of April Fool Day? A week after taking the poll on Twitter about shaving the unibrow, New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis has posted a video of shaving his trademark look himself. 

But it seems quite doubtful and there are reasons mainly two reasons.

The video that showed him, razoring his signature facial feature cut off as he approaches to shave and continues later after he has finished shaving. This made people not to believe as he was not holding the phone. 

The video appeared on 1st of April which apparently seemed to be an April Fool's Day and the fans have taken it as April Fool joke.

Earlier on March 28, the poll that Davis "The Brow" created had the majority of people supporting to shave his unibrow with 51%. 631,067 people took part in the NBA star's post. 

It's something I've been thinking about for a while and felt like I needed to change. It's a big change; I think I like it, but y'all tell me. Big moment, new AD, new brow, let's get it." says Davis in the video.

Davis can be seen holding a Red Bull towel on the shoulder in the video. It seems pretty like the advertisement of Red Bull as Red Bull sponsored a pranking video with Davis just last month.

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