Eddie George Net Worth in Millions. Know About His Salary, Contract and Career Earnings

by Himanshu Mon Mar,2023
Eddie George Net Worth in Millions. Know About His Salary, Contract and Career Earnings

Eddie George is a former American football player and coach who has had a successful career both on and off the field. His net worth is valued at the amount of $23 million. He made a considerable amount of money during his NFL career and continued to generate income through various business ventures after retiring from football.

Over the course of his NFL career, George earned approximately $48 million in salary alone. His success on the field earned him a lucrative contract extension with the Titans in 1999, which was reportedly worth $42 million over six years.

Eddie George Net Worth Net Worth, Salary, and Career Earnings

Eddie George's net worth is estimated to be around $23 million. This includes his earnings from his NFL career, endorsements, acting, business ventures, and philanthropy. He has been actively involved in various endeavors and has successfully generated income from them.

Eddie George began his NFL career in 1996 with the Houston Oilers. In his rookie season, he rushed for 1,368 yards and scored eight touchdowns. His impressive performance earned him the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Over the next eight seasons, George played for the Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys.

EddieEddie George of the Tennessee Titans speaks  to retire his number during a game at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, September 2019 SOURCE: [email protected]

Throughout his NFL career, Eddie George earned a total of $49,280,000 in salary. This includes his base salaries and bonuses from his contracts with various teams. During his nine-year stint with the Titans, George signed a six-year contract extension in 1999 worth $42 million. The contract included a signing bonus of $12 million, with an average annual salary of $7 million.

In addition to his salary, Eddie George also earned money through endorsements. He has been associated with several brands, including Nike, Pepsi, and Campbell's Soup. These endorsement deals helped him earn an additional $2 million over the course of his career.

Eddie George's Salary and Contract with Tennessee

Eddie signed a five-year contract with Tennessee State for a reported annual salary of $400,000. The contract includes several incentives which include $20,000 if TSU wins the Ohio Valley Conference championship and $15,000 for each FCS playoff win. Also, He will make $35,000 for an FCS national championship, and $15,000 for each coach of the year award George earns.

Eddie George's net worth is a result of his successful NFL career, endorsements, business ventures, acting, and philanthropy. He has worked hard to generate income from various sources and has been able to build a substantial fortune over the years.

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Eddie's Career Contracts with Different NFL Teams 

Eddie had a successful career as an American football player, playing primarily as a running back for various teams in the National Football League (NFL). He also had a brief stint as a football coach.

George began his NFL career in 1996 with the Houston Oilers, who later became the Tennessee Titans. In his second year with the team, he signed a four-year contract extension worth $14.5 million. He played for the Titans for a total of eight seasons, during which he signed a six-year contract extension in 1999 worth $42 million.

EddieEddie George of the Tennessee Titans charges forward during the first half of their AFC Wild Card Game at Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville, January 2000 SOURCE: [email protected]

In 2004, George signed with the Dallas Cowboys on a one-year, $1.5 million contract. He played for the Cowboys for one season before retiring from football in 2005.

After retiring from football, George briefly pursued a career as a football coach. He served as the running backs coach at the University of Tennessee for the 2016 season. However, he ultimately decided not to pursue coaching further.

George's experience as a football coach was brief but notable. He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as running backs coach at the University of Tennessee. However, after one season, he decided not to pursue coaching further.

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Real Estate, Company Investments, Vehicle Collections, and Other Assets 

Eddie has made a number of shrewd investments over the years. One of his most notable investments is in real estate, particularly in Nashville, Tennessee where he owns a number of properties.

The total value of his real estate investments is estimated to be around $10 million. Some of his most valuable properties include a 9,700-square-foot mansion in Brentwood, Tennessee worth approximately $4 million, and a $1.5 million penthouse in downtown Nashville.

EddieEddie George's $4 million Brentwood mansion, Tennessee SOURCE: tennessean.com

Another major investment for George is in classic cars. He has been known to collect and invest in rare and vintage vehicles and is reported to have spent several million dollars on these investments. Some of his most notable cars include a 1966 Shelby GT350H which is worth more than $140,000, a 1968 Camaro SS having a value of over $190,000, and a 1971 Oldsmobile 442 W30 valued at $189,750.

Beyond these tangible assets, George has also diversified his investment portfolio into other areas. He has invested in a number of startup companies and is reported to have invested in several healthcare and technology firms. The total value of these investments is not publicly known, but it is estimated to be in the millions.

Eddie George has amassed a sizable portfolio of investments and assets. Through his savvy investments and business ventures, he has built a solid financial foundation for himself and his family and continues to explore new opportunities to grow his wealth.


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