Clubs that Derek Carr Has Signed Contrat With; What Is His Annual Salary?

Jon Snow
Wed Apr,2018
Clubs that Derek Carr Has Signed Contrat With; What Is His Annual Salary? American Football

Derek Carr, the former NFL highest paid player currently plays for the Oakland Raiders. Famed for his incredible game and signature eyeliner, the 27-year-old American football quarterback has gained a successful career height and lucrative contracts in short period of time.

Well, Derek Carr has played professionally only for the Raiders since his professional debut and with his massive jaw-dropping salary, Carr is estimated to be enjoying the net worth of $15 million. So how much annual salary Carr earns? Let's know about the salary details, earnings, and contract of Derek Carr in this section.

Derek Carr's Contract and Salary from Oakland Raiders

Well, Derek Carr, the younger brother of former NFL quarterback David Carr, played for the Fresno State during his college career soon after his recruitment in 2009.

Carr who was awarded the 2013 CFPA Elite QB Award for his performance over three seasons at Fresno State, was later picked up by the  Oakland Raiders in the 2014 NFL Draft.

On May 16, 2014, Carr was assigned his requested jersey number 4, and 5 days later, on May 21, 2014, Derek Carr signed his first ever professional contract with the Raiders. The 4-year-deal was reported to be worth $5.371 million which included the signing bonus of $2.2 million.


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After playing for the Raiders with the average annual salary of $605,800, Carr was offered a new contract by the Oakland Raiders on June 22, 2017, worth $125 million over 5-years. 

The new deal offered him  $40 million fully guaranteed, $70 million in total guarantees and a $12.5 million total signing bonus provided per year.

Carr's new deal not only offered him the average annual salary of $25 million but also made him the NFL's highest-paid player surpassing the Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's record of $24.5 million earnings per year.

However, later in August 2017, Carr's record was surpassed by the Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford's $27 million annual contracts.

Let's take a look at  Derek's salary sheet.

Year Salary
2014 $420,000 ($2,226,764 Signing Bonus)
2015 $664,173 ($116,318 Incentives)
2016 $733,346 ($150,000 Roster Bonus, $25,000 Workout Bonus)
2017 $5 million ($12.5 million Signing Bonus, $7.65 Roster Bonus, $25,000 Workout Bonus) 

In 2018, he will earn the base salary of $7.4 million alongside $2.5 million signing bonus, $15 million roster bonus and $100,000 workout bonus which sums the total of $22.5 million earnings in the season.

Well, talking about Carr's career stats till date, it shows up to be 61.3 Completion percentage, 14,690 passing yards, 103 passing touchdowns, 44 Interceptions Thrown and a passer rating of 87.5.

Net worth and Properties of Derek Carr

As mentioned above, Derek is estimated to be enjoying the net worth of $15 million as of 2018, which is assumed to be increased to $25 million by the end of 2018 season.

Derek huge earnings probably have set himself up to extend his property empire as well. However, Derek Carr seems quite shy to expose his property details. Surely he and his wife Heather Neel lives happily in their millions worth mansion along with their 2 sons Dallas and Deker Luke.

Though, we do have some information of Derek Carr's brother David Carr's house. David owned a house in Bakersfield which he sold in August 2016, for $2.1 million, after 2 years of keeping his Seven Oaks neighborhood mansion worth $2.8 million for sale.

Have a look.

Not much, but Derek is reported to own a Porsche worth $200,000. Besides, he also has a GMC Yukon worth around $50,000.

Probably, Derek's property detail will be out soon too.

Let's wait for the day and wish Derek best for further.