People born in 1989

Cheikhou Kouyate
Cheikhou Kouyate Cheikhou Kouyate
Chris Bassitt
Chris Bassitt Chris Bassitt Biography- MLB player, Salary, Net worth, stats, contracts, age, family, nationality, earnings, married, wife, relationship
Chris Smalling
Chris Smalling Chris Smalling | Bio-salary,net worth,married,affair,dating,girlfriend,wife,children
Christian Bwamy
Christian Bwamy Christian Bwamy Bio fact of age,height,net worth,nationality,girlfriend,awards,games,clubs
Christopher Tanev
Christopher Tanev Christopher Tanev Biography-salary, net worth, contract, stats, married, age, relationship, girlfriend, height, nationality
Cody Stamann
Cody Stamann Cody Stamann Biography, Bio, MMA, wrestling, boxing, MMA, Bantamweight, Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Family, Girlfriend, Relationship, Age
Cole Beasley
Cole Beasley Cole Beasley Bio - salary, net worth, highlights, height, wife, dusk, age, married, children, relationship, career, nationality
Collins Okoth
Collins Okoth Collins Okoth Bio fact of age,height,net worth,salary,nationality,clubs,games,shows
Colton Sceviour
Colton Sceviour Colton Sceviour Biography- NHL player, Salary, Earnings, Contract, Net worth, Stats, Age, height, Family, Relationship, Dating, Girlfriend, Wife, Children
Corey Anderson
Corey Anderson Corey Anderson UFC Career Stats Biography - How much does he Earn per Fight? How is his Married Life with his Wife?