Bill Walton's Top Moments during Warriors-Blazers Match

Jack Ol
Thu Feb,2018
Bill Walton's Top Moments during Warriors-Blazers Match Sportscaster

Bill Walton returned back to the NBA calling the Warriors-Blazers game in Portland on Wednesday night. Well, if you are a regular supporter of basketball then you must have known him closely. His commentary during the game is a different kind of experience.

Let me remind you, Walton was once a staple in the NBA booth.

Warriors-Blazers game was an interesting one with Blazers being ahead of Warriors with 123-117. Kevin Durant scored the highest 50 points though, his team faced a loss while Damian Lillard managed to score 40 in their victory.

However, Walton stole the show with his unusual style and was a trending topic on Twitter. Some of his best moments during the game.

1. Kevin Durant "Steve Jobs"

2. Steph Curry is Mozart explanation

3. Mozart, Steve Jobs combination

4. Reaction on Jusuf Nurkic, "From Bosnia. How’d he get over here?"

5. Little Steph Curry

Bill, Still the same.