Jeremy Clarkson's Unsuccessful Marriages: How Was His Relationship with His Wife & Children?

Mon Apr,2018
Jeremy Clarkson's Unsuccessful Marriages: How Was His Relationship with His Wife & Children? Sportscaster

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson, a.k.a. Jeremy Clarkson, is an English born journalist, writer, broadcaster, and motoring specialist. The co-presenter on Top Gear alongside Richard Hammond, which airs on BBC TV. Clarkson has been married twice and has had no luck when it comes to marriage.

As of now, he is reported to be dating a woman named Lisa Hogan, and their relationship seems to be going better than ever.

If you want to find out more about the pair's newfound relationship and Clarkson's previous marriage, keep on reading.

Jeremy Clarkson's Relationship With Girlfriend Lisa Hogan

After his second divorce, in 2014, Clarkson started dating his current girlfriend Lisa Hogan who was also previously married.  She is the ex-wife of Baron Bonkers, who is also known as a millionaire playboy.

CAPTION: Jeremy Clarkson and girlfriend Lisa Hogan SOURCE: The Sun

The exact details on when or how they started dating are unknown, but in Feb of 2017, Mirror reported that Clarkson and Hogan were on a romantic getaway at Barbados.

And just the following month, Hogan shared during an interview with Mirror that her boyfriend is great. The source also shared that she was gushing when she shared the detail, and she added that she was very happy.

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We assume that it has been quite some time since they first started dating but the couple seems to be not taking any action about getting married. We don't think they will be getting married or engaged any time soon. They also do not have any child together, but they seem to be enjoying their newfound love as an unmarried couple.

Jeremy Clarkson Previous Failed Marriages

Jeremy's first marital relationship was with his first wife Alexandra James. They started dating back in 1983 and dated for more than six years until they tied the knot in September of 1989.

CAPTION: Jeremy Clarkson and ex-wife Alexandra James SOURCE: Daily Mirror

They were in a very long relationship but unfortunately, their marriage was not meant for long.

Matter of fact, their marriage ended just six months after they got married as James left him in early 1990 for one of his friends which is very sad.

Even though she is the one who left him and did not think twice about the consequences, later on, she shamelessly started claiming that she and Clarkson were in a physical relationship even though they were both married.

This was very inappropriate as it was not only false but also hampered Clarkson's second marriage and he did take some strict actions against her.

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Fast forward to his second marriage, after his dramatic split with his first wife, he finally got married three years after the incident in 1993.

This time, he got married to Frances Cain who is not only the daughter of VC recipient Robert Jenry Cain but also was his manager.

CAPTION: Jeremy Clarkson and second wife Frances Cain SOURCE: Motor1

After getting married in 1993, the couple had three children together named Emily, Finlo, and Katya. To date, the pair has not revealed any other details about their children other than their first names.

Even though the marriage seemed like it would last forever as they had children together and got through a lot of controversies.

CAPTION: Jeremy Clarkson with his two children SOURCE: Daily Mail

However, after 23 years of being married, Cain filed for divorce in April of 2014, and they have not been together ever since.