Candice Dutchyshen and Darren Dutchyshen Married Life

Tue Oct,2022
 Candice Dutchyshen and Darren Dutchyshen Married Life Sportscaster

When a person marries a celebrity, people assume the celeb's spouse wants the limelight. And Candice Dutchyshen enjoys her life away from the spotlight. Candice detested the attention so much she refrains from appearing in her husband's social media posts. Despite leading decades of marriage with Darren Dutchyshen, she remains elusive. On the other hand, Darren thrives in the limelight, so he has a very long career. 

Dutchyshen couple remains very much in love with one other. As such, both the husband and the wife of the said family stay loyal to their life partners. Over the years of their wedlock, Darren and Candice remain free of unsavory scandals and rumors. 

Candice Dutchyshen and Darren Dutchshen married after dating for years! How long did they date?

According to our research, Candice Dutchyshen and her husband, Darren Dutchshen, dated for a very long time before their wedding. The Dutchyshen couple shared the boyfriend and girlfriend relationship for around five years before taking it to the next level. Throughout this, Candice stayed away from the spotlight.

CandiceCandice Dutchyshen's husband, Darren Dutchyshen, and her daughter took a picture at a red carpet event. SOURCE: Toronto Sun

 And finally, the couple married in away from the public view. Candice and her husband tied the knot in the presence of their loved ones. Holding an intimate wedding with a couple of hundred names on the guest list, Darren and his wife keep the date of their big day hidden and locked away.

No marriage is perfect, and suffice to say, the Dutchyshen family must have seen their fair share of obstacles. Candice and Darren did a great job working together to overcome any marriage trouble that came their way. Similarly, this married couple remained free of scandalous news throughout their marriage.

Although Candice keeps herself from appearing in the camera, Darren needs to be at the forefront of the said devices to make a living. And given his sweet personality seen on the camera, many fans thought he and his fellow host Kate Beirness were an item. And Kate's also a married woman, but her man remains elusive. 

And in their decades-long wedded life, Candice and her husband, Darren, welcomed three children. And like herself, most of her kids stay away from the limelight. The Dutchyshen gave birth to two sons, Tyler Dutchyshen and Brett Dutchyshen. And in the middle, the sportscaster and his partner gave birth to a daughter, who they named Paige Dutchyshen.

Speaking of old flames, Darren and Candice keep their ex-partners from the public. And as such, ex-boyfriends of the celebrity wife, Candice, stay out of the limelight. And Darren being the sweet persona he is, respects his past lovers enough to keep their identities a secret.

Darren Dutchyshen recently had a huge health scare and took some time off from his career. 

In September 2021, Darren Dutchyshen took some time off from his work at TSN. Likewise, he stated in one of his tweets that he would take some time off from work due to health reasons. Dutchyshen was suffering from the early stages of prostate cancer.

Darren'sDarren's Tweet about his time off from work due to health reasons. SOURCE: Twitter@dutchysc

And what was Darren's health scare? You may be wondering, well, Dutchyshen was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully, it was still in the early stage and was treatable. And after more than a year, the talented sportscaster finally returned to work. Even at the age of fifty-five, Darren holds a great sense of humor! The TSN host teased about his return on his Twitter.

Although Dutchyshen's wife remained out of the spotlight, Candice stayed behind the closed door taking care of her husband. Similarly, the celebrity wife kept her distance from the media throughout this ordeal, and so did Darren. The Canadian sportscaster recovered in a year thanks to the early detection of his prostate cancer and medical professionals. Likewise, he rejoined Sportscenter in late September 2022. 

The amount of wealth Darren and Candice Dutchyshen own will shock you!

Darren Dutchyshen has worked for TSN for almost two decades now. And over the years, the sportscaster earned a massive paycheque from his career. As of 2022, Dutchyshen collected millions of dollars in his total assets. And Darren, the Canadian sportscaster, owns a roughly estimated net worth of $4 million.

CandiceCandice Dutchyshen's husband, Darren Dutchyshen, and her daughter took a picture on Paige Dutchyshen's birthday. SOURCE: [email protected]

 And from her marriage with Darren, Candice Dutchyshen also owns millions of dollars. Additionally, she owns half of her husband's wealth, so the sportscaster's wife, Candice, holds around $2 million as her total assets. Darren's spouse kept herself hidden from the media due to her shy nature. And that includes her career and salary as well.