Alexa Bliss and her Boyfriend Buddy Murphy are Engaged, Is the Couple married?

Jon Snow
Tue Mar,2018
Alexa Bliss and her Boyfriend Buddy Murphy are Engaged, Is the Couple married? WWE

The name of the WWE Diva Alexa Bliss is surely not a new face to all, who has made her way from the NXT to the WWE Raw brand. 27-year American professional wrestler famed for her nickname "The Wicked Witch" and her finisher Snap DDT and Twisted Bliss, besides being successful in her career, also seems to have prominent success in her love relation as well.

Alexa is currently engaged to fellow wrestler Buddy Murphy, and with growing time, the couple has made their dating life and relationship even stronger. Even if fans assume Murphy to be Bliss' husband, the truth is, the couple is not married yet, so what is their marriage plan? Let's know all about Bliss' relationship, datings, engagement and their plans for the wedding.

Relationship of Alexa Bliss and her fiancee Buddy Murphy

Really, Alexa and her then boyfriend, now fiancee Buddy come in the top list of the WWE celebrities who like to keep their relationship issues a secret. Initially, the couple was featured in the NXT storyline, where they formed partnered alliance alongside Wesley Blake in 2015.

Well, the lovely couple: Alexa and Buddy, have not disclosed the detail of their relationship beginning, probably, the NXT platform made the couple door to datings and their relationship started since then. And by November 2015, the couple was seen sharing the photos together.

The strong relationship between the couple made the rumors of the couple's engagement after Alexa was spotted with a ring on her hand.  However, Alexa and Murphy kept the news of their engagement low. 

Have a look at the post shared by Murphy on March 29, 2016.

And later the news of the engagement was made public after Murphy shared a post captioned with "Me & my best friend, and wife to be! She Keeps me on my toes! And always smiling!" on January 24, 2017.

Have a look.

Probably the engagement news made them shower with congratulations. But seems the congratulations was quite late for the couple, really! how?

Well, in her interview with Gorilla Position, Alexa revealed that she and Buddy were engaged earlier but they never went public then. As reported the couple got engaged at Christmas 2015. Belated congratulations!

Bliss and Murphy's Relationship Difficulties

Even if the couple's relationship is going well without any mishaps of separation or break-up till now, they are compelled to see each other only few hours a week. It's because Bliss, the 2016 WWE Smackdown draft now competes in the Raw, while Murphy is still in the NXT.

Bliss revealed the issue regarding her datings with Murphy and her unhappiness in her interview with Gorilla Position in April 2017, where she said:

"With our traveling, we used to see each other seven days a week and work together six days a week because I was partnered with Blake and Murphy. Now, we see each other maybe six hours a week."

Check out this video.

But when the couple meets up, they share memories and lovely moments together. The couple has not shared any children too, and but their 2 dogs Teddy and Lizzy are not much less than their kids.

So, to shorten up the distance of their relationship, the couple raised up the issue of their marriage. But seems like Alexa's best friend and fellow wrestler Nia Jax, is somehow not convinced.

Bliss' Bestpal Nia Jax not convinced with Alexa and Murphy's Upcoming Wedding

Yeah, surely engagement is the future point out of marriage and along with the dreamed happiness, a lot of responsibilities comes with marriage. Somewhere, Alexa Bliss so confused about the issue is also getting the pressure to lose her love as Murphy will move back to Australia if his NXT doesn't offer him lucrative promotion soon.

The case got worse after Nia Jax presented that she is not convinced with Alexa Bliss' marriage. For Alexa, it's really hard to be crushed between friendship and love. 

In the edition of Total Divas, Jax indicated that perhaps Bliss doesn’t want to marry Murphy, but is having a tough time in standing up for herself. Jax continued: 

"If Murphy gets cut from NXT, Bliss could likely have an easier way out of the relationship."

The couple has not made the official announcement of their wedding date or venue yet. Let's wait for the day what Alexa has to answer. 

Till then, let's wish them best.

Past Affairs and rumors of Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss seems to be crystal clear from the records of the past relationship, however, Bliss is not successful to keep herself away from the rumored relationship. Well, Alexa Bliss is rumored to be in a relationship with WWE star Braun Strowman amid of her relationship with her to be husband Buddy Murphy.

The issue came into the limelight after Bliss and Braun were announced partners for the WWE Mixed Match Challenge(MMC) by Raw's general manager Kurt Angle which was later followed up by Alexa and Braun's close photo posted on social media.

Probably, fans have not forgotten the moment shared by Braun and Alexa after they won against Becky Lynch and Sami Zayn in WWE MMC. Yeah, both of them hinted their personal interest to each other which buzzed the internet.

Have a look at the Twitter video.

What! really? 

You might be wondering, but perhaps that was a storyline. Regarding the rumored relationship, Alexa made the issue clear that nothing was going between two except winning. Check this out.

And now the rumor is clear now.

We are eager to hear and see the news of Alexa Bliss' marriage and more of her stunning career. 

Stay tuned for updates!