Age 35, Professional Wrestler The Great Khali's Salary From His Profession and Net Worth He Has Achieved

Tue Sep,2018
Age 35, Professional Wrestler The Great Khali's Salary From His Profession and Net Worth He Has Achieved WWE

The Great Khali is a popular name in the Wrestling industry. Less known to people may be his birth name which is Dalip Singh Rana. Since his debut, he has been one of the strongest wrestlers and with a towering height of 2.16 m, he had been gaining the attention of the audience since day one.


He is the first Indian-born wrestler to have made such a huge impact on the sports becoming WWE's World Heavyweight Champion back in 2007. As someone who has a big impact on the industry, he makes a good living out of his profession. We are here to give you details regarding the financial side of his life including his salary and net worth.

Khali's Great Salary

Khali made a name for himself during his time at WWE. Though lacking in flashy skills like most other wrestlers do, he still brought many views to the show mostly due to his large Indian Fan basis. And with him bringing in a large number of Indian audience and also growing popularity to other audiences, he became a demanded wrestler.


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In 2014, he was reported to have been in a contract where he would receive $974,000 annually. That huge sum was his annual salary without including any bonuses. Depending on how well they are received by the audience and help to bring in viewers, wrestlers often to get bonuses. It is applied in the case of Khali as well and adding a bonus to his income, his salary would reach to the point of $1 million.

However, his huge salary was only during the time he was involved with the WWE. He is no longer associated with the organization and is not on their payroll as such, it is unlikely that he is bringing in such huge number at present.

Net Worth of The Great Khali

The estimated net worth of this Indian wrestler is $6 million. His salary in his active years in WWE was huge with him crossing the million dollars mark but he is no longer with the organization which has caused him to have severe down cut in his current annual revenue.

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His fame as a wrestler has helped him to land a few roles in various movies such as The Longest Yard, Get Smart, MacGruber and Ramaa: The Saviour. In October of 2010, he made an appearance in the Indian Reality Show Big Boss and ended up being the first runner-up in the season. All these movie and tv appearances have also helped to build up his current fortune.

He has also opened up his own wrestling school called the Continental Wrestling Entertainment in Punjab which is also doing well in his country. All of these factors have helped him to achieve his current financial success.