Who is NFL star Odell Beckham Jr’s girlfriend Lauren Wood? When did they start dating?

Sat Oct,2022
Who is NFL star Odell Beckham Jr’s girlfriend Lauren Wood? When did they start dating? American Football

At times relationships define a couple; although they may not be married, they lead a life like a married duo, and such is the tale of Odell Beckham Jr and his squeeze. And the couple started their romance in early 2019. Similarly, Odell and his girlfriend Lauren Wood started their fling months before announcing their relationship during the NFL athlete's 27th birthday. 

The NFL star last appeared in the Super Bowl 2021, playing for Los Angeles Rams against Cincinnati Bengals; Beckham was the first to score a touchdown in the match. But tragically, Odell pulled out from the game in the second quarter due to a knee injury. On a brighter note, the said match was won by his team LA Rams, resulting in his first Super Bowl Championship!

Odell Beckham Jr and his girlfriend Lauren Wood started their flame in late 2019. 

Relationships these days blossom with a message dropped in the DMs, and allegedly, Odell Beckham Jr and his current girlfriend Lauren Wood started their romance via social media. And according to online sources, Wood and Beckham Jr started online flirting months before they officially became a couple.

OdellOdell Beckham Jr and his Girlfriend, Lauren Wood, were gushing over their son. SOURCE: Instagram@obj


Odell and his squeeze, Lauren, keep the date of their becoming a couple hidden for now. However, Wood took to social media and announced her newfound relationship with Beckham to her followers. Despite the number of fans and followers Lauren and her boyfriend, Odell, gained, they managed to keep their relationship on the down low.

And since the start of their romance, Odell and Lauren only became more intimate. As such, the NFL star and his lover share a strong bond, which helped them to deepen their relationship. Although Beckham and Wood aren't married, they managed to lead a life similar to a husband and wife. 

Odell Beckham Jr and his Girlfriend welcomed a child in 2022!

Odell Beckham Jr and his partner Lauren Wood gave birth to their first child in 2022. Likewise, the power couple first announced the news in November of 2021. So now, not only is Beckham spoken for, he is now an adoring father of a son!

OdellOdell Beckham Jr and his Girlfriend, Lauren Wood, welcomed a child. SOURCE: Instagram@obj


On February 17, 2022, Odell's first kid, Zydn Beckham, was born. And the world saw Beckham's child for the first time on February 23, 2022, after Odell posted a picture of his son on Instagram. And since then, the celebrity child, Zydn, appeared in many of his parents' IG posts.

Also another interesting fact about Odell and the mother of his child is that they are taking things slow. For now, they share a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, as Beckham and Wood appear to put in their thoughts before getting hitched. So far,  Zydn's parents keep things simple and aren't even engaged.

Odell and Lauren haven't said anything about their marriage.

Yes, Odell Beckham Jr and Lauren Wood are co-parenting their child. And yes, the duo remains quiet about the future of their relationship. As many fans would want to see Wood and Beckham tie the knot, the couple in question stays away from the topic. 

Besides sharing a child and a home, Odell keeps his lips sealed about wedding bells. But there's also a possibility that Odell wants to wife up Lauren but wants to keep things under wrap before the big step. Currently, it stays a guessing game, so unless Beckham or Lauren officially announce their choices, their plans for what's next will remain, as such, a guessing game. 

Odell's past relationships and allegedly Lauren used to date Mayweather!

Odell Beckham Jr likes his personal life and professional life on different plates. However, his other public relationship was with the Greek Internet star Polyxeni Ferfeli. Ferfeli and Beckham dated in 2017, and the duo snuffed out their flame in the same year. 

OdellOdell Beckham was playing a game as he took care of his son. SOURCE: Instagram@obj


Aside from the Greek influencer, rumours about Odell and Bella Hadid were a hot topic in 2016. And during the same year, many fans spotted the NFL star flaring up with the socialite Khole Kardashian. But, Khole quickly took to Twitter and explained nothing had happened between her and Beckham. 

Lauren thrives under the spotlight, not only as an influencer but also as a person. And Wood never shied away from talking about her past relationship. Wood is mainly connected to different athletes. 

Allegedly, Lauren and the boxer Floyd Mayweather went out. However, Wood nor Floyd ever made any official comment on their fling. So, Mayweather and the fitness instructor were only rumoured to be together. Lauren also dated another athlete, Eric Moreland, in the past. And similar to her other flames, Wood and her lover kept it hush-hush. 

Lauren Wood helped Odell through his recovery!

Odell Beckham Jr may have seen and been with many women. But, according to him, Lauren Wood changed his whole life. Likewise, Wood was ever-present in many of his posts during his recovery from a torn ligament.