Odell Beckham Jr. Has a Strength Of An Arm Wrestler, Video Shows Him Launch A Ball Off The Field

July 11, 2019 by James

We know one thing for a fact Odell Beckham Jr.'s is a generational footballer currently playing as a wide receiver for Browns. He can catch a ball like a magnet and recent video shows he can throw a football from one end to beyond another boundary of a whole football field which is well over 100+ yards.

After watching a video that showed OBJ slyly throw a football almost beyond a soccer field to the astonishment of those around him.

One of the guys on the video is seen totally shocked and he can be heard saying “That was the whole field!” What else could this man do? May be fly and superman Punch his own ball into the orbit or maybe run and catch his own throw! Believe it or not, If he can throw a football over 100+ yards, he can do it!

After a publicized controversy over a national anthem, OBJ was finally traded to the Browns. Odell Beckham Jr., as well as the linebacker Olyvier Vernon, was traded by the New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns. In exchange, the giants get Jabrill Pepper, Kevin Zeitler, the No. 17.

OJR in 2018 had extended a $90 million worth contract with NYJ and his recent move to Browns has been pretty easy for him.