How much is American football Player, Rodney Harrison's Net Worth and Salary? Details on His Career

Jon Snow
Thu Dec,2017
How much is American football Player, Rodney Harrison's Net Worth and Salary? Details on His Career American Football

Rodney Harrison, whose full name is Rodney Scott Harrison, is a former professional American football player in the NFL who has played for San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots. After his retirement, Harrison currently serves as a commentator for Sunday Night Football on NBC.

The 44-year-old former footballer, blessed with a happy family along with his wife, Erika Harrison, and 3 children, is reportedly enjoying a huge amount of net worth. So, how much is his net worth and salary? Let's know all about his net worth, salary, and career.

Rodney Harrison's Net Worth

Rodney Harrison, who played 168 games, with his career record of  1,113 tackles, 32 interceptions, 28½ sacks, 14 forced fumbles and six recoveries, is estimated to have a net worth of around $11.5 million.

Career Earnings

Rodney, 13 years down his playing career, was signed by San Diego Chargers in the 1994 NFL draft with an undisclosed amount. However, he was released by the Chargers after the 2002 season. During his time in the Chargers, Harrison earned $13.73 million, including his endorsements and bonuses.

Later, on March 13, 2003, Harrison joined the New England Patriots with a 6-year contract of $14.95 million, including the signing bonus of $2.5 million and the average salary of $2.49 million.

Rodney Harrison

Source: USA Today

But, after the degrading productivity of Harrison due to injuries in the 2005 and 2006 season, his contract was restructured reducing his base salary from a scheduled $2.7 million to $2 million for 2007.

Later, he earned back $200,000 and his annual salary reached up to $3 million in 2008. On June 3, 2009, Harrison announced his retirement from professional football. 
He then became an analyst for NBC Sports, which is owned by Mark Lazarus. His salary at the network is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Rodney Harrison's House and Philanthropy

Harrison currently lives in his own home in Olympia Fields, Illinois, with his wife and two sons, Rodeny Jr. and Christian, and a daughter, Mikala. But, the price of the house is still undisclosed.

In 1999, Harrison established Hard Hitters to support and improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children. 

One of The Dirtiest Player Harrison's Fine and Suspension

Harrison, who got voted as the "dirtiest player" in 2004, has been fined and suspended multiple times. As of 2002, he was fined $200,000 by NFL and notably suspended after a helmet-to-helmet hit on the Oakland Raider's Jerry Rice. Also, he is popular for his fierce action with Tom Brady.

Have a look at the video of Harrison vs Tom.

Let's move in to know all about his career and achievements.

Rodney Harrison's Career

Harrison, after playing college football at Western Illinois University from 1991 to 1993, got selected by San Diego Chargers in the 1994 draft. He became the first player in NFL history to score touchdowns on an interception return, fumble return and kickoff return in the same season in 1997.

Later, he was signed by New England Patriots in 2003 offseason after being released from Chargers on February 27, 2003. He played until the 2008 season and retired on June 3, 2009, winning the title of one of best players coached by head coach Bill Belichick.

Have a look at his career best highlights.

Currently, he is established as an analyst and commentator for NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Let's wish him best for the future and stay tuned for more updates of your favorite celebrities.