Tragic Loss in the World of Fitness: Renowned Bodybuilder Neil Currey Passes Away at 34

Thu Sep,2023
Tragic Loss in the World of Fitness: Renowned Bodybuilder Neil Currey Passes Away at 34 Other

Neil Currey, a world-renowned bodybuilder and fitness model from the UK, has tragically died at the age of 34. The cause of death is unclear, but some reports claim he took his own life. His former trainer, Milos Sarcev, confirmed the news on Instagram and expressed his grief and shock.

Who was Neil Currey?

Neil Currey is a British bodybuilder who competes in the Classic Physique division of the IFBB. He has a strong dedication, charisma, and passion for fitness, which he showcases in his impressive physique and performance. 

Neil-CurreyNeil Currey was a professional bodybuilder and fitness model who died at the age of 34. 


The bodybuilder began his career in 2017 and quickly rose to fame, winning several prestigious titles, such as the New York Pro in 2022. This victory earned him a spot in the Mr. Olympia contest, where he will represent the Classic Physique category.

In addition to his bodybuilding career, Currey also works as a fitness model and coach for various brands and organizations. He has appeared in magazines, websites, and social media platforms, promoting fitness and lifestyle products.

Not only that, he also mentors and trains aspiring bodybuilders, sharing his knowledge and experience with them. Neil Currey is an inspiration to many people who want to achieve their fitness goals.

How Did Neil Currey Die?

Multiple sources have reported that Neil Currey took his own life on September 12, 2023, at the age of 34. His former coach, Milo Sarcev, broke the news on Instagram and mourned his loss. He also posted a photo of Currey smiling after winning the New York Pro and achieving his dream of making it to the Mr. Olympia.

The official source of the cause of death and the details of what happened has not been revealed. However, some reports indicate that Currey had been suffering from depression and anxiety for a long time and had tried to end his life before.

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What Was His Legacy?

The bodybuilding community and beyond have been stunned and saddened by Neil Currey’s death. Many people have honored him on social media, recalling their experiences, respect, and sympathy. Some of his fellow competitors, such as Andrei Deiu, Hany Rambod, Dennis Wolf, and Iris Kyle, also conveyed their sorrow and offered their help.

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Currey’s legacy remains through his accomplishments, his impact, and his attitude. He motivated many people with his dedication, his optimism, and his passion for fitness. He will be remembered as one of the most skilled and promising bodybuilders in history.