Inspiration story, Strongman Terry Hollands then and now Incredible Body Transformation

Mon Apr,2021
Inspiration story, Strongman Terry Hollands then and now Incredible Body Transformation Other

Cutting down fats and lifting the loose muscles requires grueling training sessions and rigid eating plans. It's a dedication that demands utter discipline. Recently Terry Hollands has been an integral example of this.

How did Terry Hollands Transform his Body?

Three years ago, British Strongman rocked headlines by epically shredding down his physique. And the 6'6" heavy lifter has now toned it down to near perfection. The musculature of Hollands has become an inspiration among the weightlifting fanatics. One could hardly deny the fact that Hollands has been working hard to shift himself to a more appealing body.

Terry Hollands finished second in Arnold Strongman Classic in 2011 and 2012.  SOURCE: Instagram

Hoards of overwhelmingly positive responses seem nothing new to Holland's ever-alluring body. Not long ago, when the British strongman introduced his newly sculpted looks on the internet, the Kent-born athlete shared how much of a positive journey - mentally and physically the body transformation had been to him.

Judging by his recent Instagram posts, the Dartford native seems addicted to the gym. Over the past few months, he has occasionally shared his transformation imaging on Instagram all of which have inspired thousands of his fans.

The rippling muscles of the 41-year-old do give proof of his labors behind the scenes.

Hollands has participated in the World's Strongest Man 14-times with 2 third-place finishes. He has been British Strongest Man 2007, England's Strongest Man 2009, and UK's Strongest Man 2005. He was born on 6 June 1979 in Dartford, Kent, England. 

Terry Hollands' Career

In 2005, Hollands began his career as a strongman finishing second at England's Strongest Man and first at the UK's Strongest Man contests. After losing his UK's Strongest Man title to Glenn Ross, he competed for Britain's Strongest Man competition. He finished seventh in the 2006 World's Strongest Man competition.

CAPTION: Terry Hollands has finished 3rd in both 2007 and 2011 World's Strongest Man  SOURCE: Instagram

In 2007 he won the title of Britain's Strongest Man and finished third at the 2007 World's Strongest Man behind Mariusz Pudzianowski and Sebastian Wenta. He conceded his British Strongest Man title in 2008 to Jimmy Marku, with himself coming second overall.

In the 2008 World's Strongest Man contest, he placed last out of the ten finalists. The next year, he came sixth overall in 2009 World's Strongest Man.

In 2010, Hollands made the final of the World's Strongest Man for the fifth consecutive year and finished in 8th place. That year he was also the SCL overall winner. He had also finished series of podiums in the Strongman Champions League including a win in Ireland.

In 2011, he, for the second time, finished 3rd in the World's Strongest Man, this time behind, Brian Shaw and Zydrunas Savickas. This was followed by a fifth-place result at the 2014 World's Strongest Man. In November 2019, Hollands secured the World's Strongest Man Masters competition held in Daytona, Florida.