Spain Loss Against Russia, Russia Making Their Way Through Knockouts Unlawfully Robbing All the Bet Money From Bookies

July 1, 2018
First published on:July 1, 2018
by James

Sometimes things get in line perfectly, let us explain it to you, Russia had a very few attempts compared to Spain, they had lesser windows to explode and less pass percentage on the field but when home support, counter-attack, and the grand plan comes together the result can be a penalty shootout. That's what happened today, Spain is returning home alike Argentina and Portugal from the knockout stage. 


Why are we talking something that everyone knows? We are giving you a preface of the pre-quarterfinals because many betting sites and bookie will surely shave their heads to pay their debts on today's game. People who guessed for a 90-minute draw will take back $400 for their $100 bet and $700 for a $100 bet on Russian Victory. Despite, popular polls and views from critics, Russia was able to send Spanish Football squad home.

The Betting money looks fair enough, but the basic problem that has hit all the betting sites involved with Russia Worldcup is, despite having a few big bets, Spain didn't get that many smaller bets whereas a lot many people bet smaller amount on the Russian side which collectively won the big bets from the Spanish side. So now, they are going to pay seven folds a $100 bill to each one of the Russian supporters who got involved in betting for their team.

Ironically, this world cup has given people a number of shocks and shakes and here was its strong blow on the betting agencies too.