Sharron Hunt Munson

PSR 18 Mar,2021

Facts of Sharron Hunt Munson

Full Name
Sharron Hunt
Last Name
Birth Name
Sharron Hunt
First Name
Famous Name
Sharron Hunt Munson
David Munson
Lamar Hunt
Rosemary Carr


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$100 Million


David Munson

Sharron Hunt Munson is one of the children born to a late American businessman, Lamar Hunt, a personality behind promoting American football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey in the United States. He was the principal founder of the AFL, MLS, MLS's predecessor, the NASL, and co-founder of World Championship Tennis.

Not only this but World remembers Lamar Hunt for the "Super Bowl," but did you know from where he had the idea? Actually, it was Sharron, a seven years old adorable girl bouncing a toy ball, “Super Ball!” (Bounce.) “Super Bowl!” (Bounce.) “Super Ball!” Lamar Hunt always gave his daughter credit.

Lamar Hunt Net Worth and his Daughter Sharron Hunt Net Worth: Hunt's Children are Successors of his Luxurious Assets

With a net worth of $15 billion, Lamar Hunt's family stands among the most affluent in America. Their wealth can be traced back to H.L. Hunt's astute investments in the American oil industry. Lamar Hunt, recognized as a founding member of the American Football League and the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, played a pivotal role in both sports and business. Following his demise in 1974, Lamar Hunt left behind an estimated net worth ranging between $2 billion and $3 billion.

The collective wealth of the Hunt family is reported to be approximately $15.5 billion, cementing their position as one of America's wealthiest families. Lamar Hunt, who had four children, ensured the preservation of his fortune by establishing trusts for each of them. The Hunt family's financial prosperity continues to thrive and is a testament to their shrewd investments and business acumen.

The Hunt Family (from left: Clark, Daniel, Norma, Lamar SOURCE: PressReader

Sharron Hunt is the co-founder of Kansas City and according to different sites, has an estimated net worth of $100 Million. Her brother, Hunt Jr is part of the founding and operating family of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team while step-brother, Clark Hunt, is the part-owner, chairman, and CEO of the team. Currently, the franchise value came to $2.5 billion. 

Sharon Hunt Former Husband, David Munson: Sharon is the mother of Four Children

Sharron Munson was married once but the relationship ended a long time ago. As a matter of fact, there is no information about her ex-husband, besides his name: David Munson. Her wedding was low-key so does her divorce. 

With David, she shared four children. In 1995, they had their first daughter, Isabel Munson, who is now a DJ. Their second child, Boone Munson was born later three years in 1998. According to his Facebook profile, he worked at the Fashion Industry Gallery. In 2003, she gave birth to twins: Miles Munson and Lance Munson.

Sharron Hunt's Children SOURCE: Married Wiki

There is no detail about the child custody, but the fact that Sharron often shares pictures with the children, it is believed that the younger kids are still with the mother. A bilingual, she is fluent in French, Canadian French, and Spanish.

Sharron Hunt is the Lone Daughter of Sports Magnet Lamar Hunt  

Sharron Hunt is the only daughter born to Lamar Hunt and his first wife Rosemary Carr. Her parents had their first encounter in Dallas as teenagers. They went to Southern Methodist University together. After dating for years, they tied the knot in 1956.

Besides Sharron, the couple shared one more child Lamar Jr. Nevertheless, Hunt and Carr divorced in 1962, due in part to Hunt's travel schedule. 

Sharron with father Lamar, mom, Norman, and brother, Kamar Jr watching Clark play. SOURCE: PressReader

In 1964, Lamar remarried Norma Lynn Knobel, a schoolteacher, and hostess for the Dallas Texans. They were blessed with two sons, Clark and Daniel. Norma Hunt attended every Super Bowl and remained married to Lamar until his death on December 13, 2006, due to complications related to prostate cancer at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Sharron Hunt's Academics

A Hockaday School alum, Sharon majored in Mathematics at Flagler College. Further, she did a Masters's in the Spanish Language through Texas A&M Commerce. In 2012, she enrolled at Southern Methodist University and earned a Master's degree in Art History.


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