Ricardo Rincon

by John Max 09 Apr,2020
Ricardo Rincon
Personal Info
  • Famous Name
  • Birth Name Ricardo Rincón Espinoza
  • Birth Place Cuitláhuac, Veracruz, Mexico
  • Famous Name Ricardo Rincon
  • Net Worth $5 Million
  • Position in Team Pitcher
  • Nationality Mexican
  • Profession Retired MLB Player
  • Currently Married Yes
  • Married to Jaqueline
  • Children two

Ricardo Rincón is a Mexican retired baseball relief pitcher who was active in the field eleven seasons from 1997 to 2008. On July 12, 1997, he pitched a combined no-hitter. Besides, he is mentioned multiple times in the movie Moneyball alongside other notable MLB players Eric Chavez and Chad Bradford

Born on April 13, 1970 (Aries), Ricardo's first or paternal family name is Rincón, and the second or maternal family name is Espinoza, but he is simply known as Ricardo Rincón. Cuitláhuac, Veracruz, Mexico native, he holds a Mexican nationality. After graduation from Veracruz High School, he did not attend school; instead pursued a professional baseball career.

How Much Is Ricardo Rincon's Net Worth? Know His Salary History & Contract

Pitching 11 seasons in the MLB's different team: Pittsburgh Pirates (1997–1998), Cleveland Indians (1999–2002), Oakland Athletics (2002–2005), St. Louis Cardinals (2006), and New York Mets (2008) has made Ricardo Rincon a millionaire. As of 2020, his net worth is approximately $5 million, solely earned from his baseball career. 

His salary history is disclosed below:

Year Team Salary
1997 Pittsburgh Pirates $150,000
1998 Pittsburgh Pirates $245,000
1999 Cleveland Indians $450,000
2000 Cleveland Indians $1,000,000
2001 Cleveland Indians $1,500,000
2002 Cleveland Indians $1,500,000
2003 Oakland Athletics $1,700,000
2004 Oakland Athletics $1,750,000
2005 Oakland Athletics $1,900,000
2006 St. Louis Cardinals $1,200,000

In 2008, he had signed to Mets where the team offered him $750,000 salary if added to the Mets' major-league roster and $150,000 in the minors. Incentives of $50,000 for 40 & 45 relief appearances and $75,000 for 50, 55, 60, & 65 appearances.

Rincón's net worth as of 2020 is $5 million SOURCE: SFGate

Before retiring in 2012, Rincón played for Mexico in the 2009 World Baseball Classic and then for several teams in Mexico, earning a decent sum of money. Since then, he has not shown up with a new profession, at least not to public eyes. 

Is Ricardo Rincón Married? Know His Personal Life

Former professional baseball relief pitcher, Ricardo Rincón is a married man. He tied the knot with his girlfriend, Jaqueline. The couple shares two children: a daughter, Damaris, and a son, Ricardo, Jr.

Besides, there is no information about the Rincon family: they have maintained a low key personal life. Even they are nowhere to be found in social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

MLB Trade & Transactions

  • March 30, 1997: Sold by Mexico City Reds (Mexican) to Pittsburgh Pirates
  • November 18, 1998: Traded by Pittsburgh Pirates to Cleveland Indians in exchange for Brian Giles
  • July 30, 2002: Traded by Cleveland Indians to Oakland Athletics in exchange for Marshall McDougall
  • October 28, 2003: Granted free agency
  • December 17, 2003: Signed by Oakland Athletics
  • October 27, 2005: Granted free agency
  • December 19, 2005: Signed by St. Louis Cardinals
  • March 30, 2007: Released by St. Louis Cardinals
  • April 11, 2007: Signed by San Francisco Giants
  • October 29, 2007: Granted free agency
  • February 14, 2008: Signed by New York Mets
  • October 31, 2008: Granted free agency

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