Colby Covington Calls For Release From The UFC, Slams Dana White Over Usman Vs. Woodley Fight

January 8, 2019 by Robert Stewart

Colby Covington is not happy with the UFC on its decision to have Kamaru Usman fight Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title.


UFC President Dana White declared Colby Covington to be Tyron Woodley 's next opponent in September but this week, however, it was announced that Kamaru Usman will face the WW champion Woodley at UFC 235.

White had already stated the possibility of Usman leapfrogging Covington as the next title contestant when Rafael dos Anjos was defeated by the " Nigerian Nightmare " last month in the TUF 28 Finale. He also criticized Covington for not agreeing to fight Woodley for nasal surgery on UFC 228 in September.

Covington later shook up at White and UFC at The MMA Hour on Monday, and the former interim champion definitely sounded annoyed.

Covington On MMA hour said:

“I was in no shape to fight in September in Dallas, it wasn’t gonna happen, no chance. So if you want to punish me for not fighting in Dallas and [not] turning around on six weeks’ notice when I had surgery and was on every antibiotic and drug cocktail underneath the sun, then that’s cool. That’s your business decision."

He went on, taking jabs at Jon Jones

“If you want to keep f—ing up your brand and moving shows from one city to another because a guy failed his third steroid test and he’s hitting pregnant ladies [in a] hit-and-run, so be it. I’m the ultimate professional. Show up on time, make weight, do everything they ask of me.”

He further stated that he was available from November and Covington argued that only in September was he unable to fight, and he was prepared to take action as early as November. But in the present circumstances " Chaos" is now demanding that the company be released.

Chaos then took shots at The Current UFC president and said:

“Let’s be honest: Dana, you don’t got the balls to release me, If you’re saying all of this stuff to the media, then release me. But you ain’t got the balls. You know I’m too valuable.”

“They’re not going to do it. They realize my value now. They realize how valuable I am. They know that I sell. They know that every single fighter in the welterweight division wants to fight me. They know that I’m the draw right now at welterweight. I made this division relevant."

In the end, Covington feels that his title shot snub is a big letdown for fans as well.

“The only reason people care about Woodley and care about Usman is because they say my name, I’m the relevant one in the division. No one cares about anybody else. They just want to see me fight anybody, it doesn’t matter who it is. So they’re screwing the fans over, they’re screwing the people and the people who are making their business run. So it’s a big f—k you to the fans.”