Know New England Patriots' Wide Receiver Phillip Dorsett's Super Hot Girlfriend Moriah Beaty

February 18, 2019
First published on:February 19, 2019
by Robert Stewart

New England Patriots' Wide Receiver Phillip Dorsett's Super hot girlfriend Moriah Beaty is in talks after Yahoo captured them together after Superbowl! The Patriot's wide receiver with Jersey no. 13 on, was seen hugging and sharing an affectionate kiss with his bae Moriah Beaty. So let's take a quick look at their love life on the February issue of Playerswiki.


Beautiful Moriah Beaty and Philip Dorsett 's pretty girlfriend is super hot! Dorsett who played for the Indianapolis Colts before signing with the Patriots in 2017, is now a Superbowl winner, but he was able to another trophy in the for of Moriah Beaty. 

Phillip Dorsett's Super Hot Girlfriend Moriah Beaty's Bio

Born in Indianapolis (Indiana), on August 20, 1991, Moriah J. Beaty is Sheila (nee Ferguson) and Willie Samuel Hawkins' daughter. 

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My biggest supporters!! My mommy and stepdad...I love them...thank yu for everything you've done for me ??????? @mizhbling

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She graduated from Ball State University in 2013 and received a BSc in Health, then an MSc from Indiana Wesleyan Pr Adult, and then an MSc in Health Administration in 2018.

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I did it!!!! #bsualumni #hscmajor #blessed #thankful #happy

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She is now living in Mass, Foxborough. When he played in Indiana, She and Phillip met on 20 August 2016 and began to date.

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Though Dorsett's Instagram is filled with his workout photographs and a few family pictures alongside his twin sisterMoriah's Instagram is filled with Phillip's pictures from top to bottom. The 27 years old celebrity girlfriend has over 3000 followers who are seen complimenting her relationship with Phillip.

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Can I just start by saying ??IT FELT SO GOOD TO BE BACK DANCING! ?????? if you know me you know I have danced since I was a little girl up until my sophomore/junior year in college! I actually was going to minor in dance but started it a little too late & wasn’t going to finish in the 4yrs I was getting my major in. It was a tough decision to step away & honestly I’ve missed it ever since! With that being said y’all I haven’t taken a dance class in almost 6 YEARS! ???? My girl Lay @lalah_ayan who I’ve been friends with since elementary school & also use to dance with started a “saucey & stilettos” dance class back in my hometown & last month I finally got to attend a class! It definitely gave me a run for my money as y’all can see ya girl was little stiff & my face was hella focused ?? but I had SO much fun & cant wait to find a dance studio I can start back taking classes regularly, oh & get my flexibility & technique back too ??????‍?? Thank you again Lay, you’re a phenomenal, bomb dancer! ????‍?? Song: Patron x Lemonade ?? by @ye_ali | *I do not own the rights to the music in this video* #dance #dancer #firstlove #gettingbacktoit #tbt #indydancers

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Hopefully, this relationship reaches a newer height in the coming days! She is seen openly accepting her relationship with Dorsett and her recent posts includes a picture with the Superbowl trophy, which shows how close these two lovebirds are.

Further, the couple is currently in a living-relationship and together they raise a lovely dog Yorkie. Beaty reffersYorkie as her child and our wide receiver seem to love the dog as much as his girlfriend does.

Further Moriah Beaty is pretty close to her sister's daughter and seems to take good care of her just like her sister does. Hopefully, they get to share a child of their own in the coming days but for now, Yorkie seems to fill the space perfectly.

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My first love started kindergarten today! ?????? I remember rushing home from college when I got the call my sister was in labor & now our little chocolate drop is starting school! I’m so happy I could be here for this day & help stand in place of her dad who is off on deployment. I know this was hard for my sister but she’s been so strong while he’s been away. Brielle, TT hopes you have an amazing first day & start to your school days????‍?? I love you! SN: I think all her excitement went away as soon as she sat down in her chair & saw us walk out the door, her face says it all ???? #firstdayofschool #kindergarten #firstniece #wedidntcry #hillsideelementry #mychocolatedrop

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