Los Angeles Angles shattered New York Yankees: A poor show from Sonny Gray

by Shree Sun May,2018
Los Angeles Angles shattered New York Yankees: A poor show from Sonny Gray

On Saturday, Los Angeles Angles took an 11-4 win over New York Yankees at the Yankee Stadium, Bronx. And an 11-4 loss for the Yankees is a humiliating result, not even a close call for the Angeles Angles. The Yankees have been a dominating side most of the season, but last nights has questioned their dominance.

Angeles Angles has lost their three games out of four and even fell two games behind the American League East to the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox beat the Atlanta Braves on Saturday.

VIDEO: New York Yankees VS Los Angeles Angels - highlights

The Yankees starting pitcher Sonny Gray has had a good season since the bigging and the same was the last night's story. The No. 55 of the Yankees is taken as one of the MLB's best got ripped by the Angeles Angels.

Gray, 28, allowed five runs on seven hits and three walks in just three-and-half innings, which was his worst outing in a month. With Kansas City Royals he allowed a single run on four hits in eight innings.

"I think my stuff was good,"

Gray said.

"The results weren’t."

The Angles Angels had a three-run lead in the second inning behind three Yankee home runs. In the 28th pitch third inning Gray gave up two runs.  An inning later, Gry walked to Kole Calhoun but caught a break when Jose Briceno took a single to the let. Jose Briceno was thrown out by Giancarlo Stanton after he tried to run for the second.

Gray stuck out Zack Cozart for the second out, bring up Mike Trout. Trout had already doubled twice against Gray.

“I was just getting pitches where I like them and I wasn’t missing,"

Trout said, the night he scored his career's first five hits.

Gray then followed by hitting Justin Upton and put an end to the evening. His ERA as 5.98.

Gray had a good performance in three of his previous four innings including an eight-inning gem in his last starter in Kansa City. Yet, he failed to get out of the fourth for the ‏thired time in 10 starts of the season.

"It sucks, especially … sitting [up] 4-1, you’re feeling pretty good with where you’re at,’’

Gray spoke about his performance.

“I don’t think I got a leadoff hitter out all night. That can make for a long game for a starter.”

Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge back to back homers were the best moments for the Yankees

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