Know Cardinals Receiver Larry Fitzgerald's Super Hot Girlfriend Melissa Up Close, Know Their Relationship History And Children

Thu Sep,2018
Know Cardinals Receiver Larry Fitzgerald's Super Hot Girlfriend Melissa Up Close, Know Their Relationship History And Children American Football

Larry Fitzgerald is a professional football player based in the United States. He is currently playing as a wide receiver for NFL's Arizona Cardinals alongside players Patrick Peterson, David Johnson, etc. He has a jaw-dropping estimated net worth of  $97 million. Playing for NFL since 2004, he has been associated with only Arizona Cardinals, playing all 15 years of his professional career with the team and earning a career earning of $174,546,387. 

Fitzgerald is currently 35 years old and has two children with two of the women he has been with. He is currently in a relationship with his hot girlfriend Melissa Blakesley whom he has been with for quite some time now. But in the past, he has also been in a few controversial relationships.  So, here we are going to take a closer look at all of Larry Fitzgerald's relationships, controversy, and children.

Larry Fitzgerald Has a Son with Hot Girlfriend Melissa Blakesley: Are They Married?

As of 2019, NFL player Larry Fitzgerald is in a relationship with his hot girlfriend Melissa Blakesley who is also the mother to his child Larry. Blakesley, who is known for her stunning looks and modeling career, has been a supportive partner to Fitzgerald both on and off the field. She has been seen cheering him on at games and events and has even attended some of Fitzgerald's charity events and initiatives. Despite their busy schedules, the couple has managed to maintain a strong and loving relationship, with Fitzgerald often expressing his gratitude and admiration for Blakesley on social media.

Larry Fitzgerald with girlfriend Melissa Blakesley SOURCE: The Baller Life

The exact information about how the duo met or when they started dating is unknown but it seems that Larry started dating his girlfriend not long after his tragic split with an ex-girlfriend about whom we will talk below. 

NFL Star Larry Fitzgerald Welcomes Son with Girlfriend Melissa Blakesley: Its Their Second Child But First As A Couple

Nonetheless, the duo has been together for quite some time now and also has a child together. They have a son together named Apollo Fitzgerald who was born on 23rd April 2013 and as of 2018, their son is five years old. 

Larry Fitzgerald with girlfriend Melissa Blakesley and SOURCE:

However, Apollo is not their first child, as both of them have one child from their previous marriage. Moving along, Larry and Melissa are quite talked couple and have fans who dig their relationship. Yet, they keep their relationship as low profile as possible. It is a rare scenario for the two to upload pictures of each other on social media so not much is known when it comes to what is going on in their life. 

Yet, we know that they have been together for years now but still are not married or engaged. At the same time, their relationship is heading forward in a very healthy manner as there are no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce. 

Larry Fitzgerald's Tragic Relationship with Angela Nazario: They Have a Child Together

Larry Fitzgerald, the talented NFL wide receiver, made headlines early in his career not just for his skills on the field but also for his romantic entanglements off the field. Just two years into his professional football career, Fitzgerald began dating Angela Nazario, a former cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. What made their relationship especially newsworthy was the fact that Fitzgerald was just 22 years old at the time, while Nazario was 35.

Larry Fitzgerald and ex-girlfriend Angela Nazario SOURCE:

Despite their age difference, they were in a very committed relationship which even resulted in them having their first child together. Their son Devin Fitzgerald was born just a few years into their relationship but his exact age is unknown. 

In the eye of the public, their relationship seemed very stable and fans even assumed that they would get married very soon. But in 2008 not long before making an appearance in the Super Bowl, Angela filed for an order of protection against Fitzgerald as she accused him of domestic violence. 

This accusation shocked the world and the former couple embarked on a legal battle. Their relationship ended very soon and Larry even shared with the media that she was only trying to get a lot of money from him. Despite his rough experience with his former girlfriend, Larry is currently in a very committed relationship with his hot girlfriend Melissa Blakesley, and is living a very happy life with his family of four.