Kliff Kingsbury's Dating Rumors and Affairs; Is He Married or Still Looking for Someone?

December 1, 2018
First published on:March 23, 2018
by Jon Snow

Kliff Kingsbury, the former American NFL quarterback currently serves as the head coach of his former football team Texas Tech Red Raiders, where he played 4 years till 2002. 38-year-old Kliff alongside making numerous NCAA records also is the winner of 2002 Sammy Baugh Trophy. However, unlike his career success, Kliff's relationship has not got enlightenment.


Well, Kliff currently enjoys a massive and lucrative salary of $3.7 million, so is the same case with his relationships? Also, fans are curious to know if Kliff Kingsbury is marred or dating someone? Let's know all about Kliff Kingsbury's affairs, relationships and, the truth about his marriage.

Is Kliff Kingsbury Married or Dating someone? 

Kliff blessed with a successful career journey and attractive personality, probably should have got his soulmate by now. But seems, the case is different. The Texas Tech coach has not openly talked regarding the issue of his relationships and as far, Kliff is also not reported to be married.


Then probably, Kliff maybe dating his girlfriend, but again the curiousness gets no target. Yeah, though Kliff Kingsbury is active in social media, no posts of his love issues is not seen yet. Kliff has really mastered to keep his personal life low key.

CAPTION: Texas Tech Red Raiders coach Kliff Kingsbury SOURCE: Texas Tech.com

It has also been reported that Texas Tech will give Kliff Kingsbury a car if he ties the knot. As per his contract with Texas Tech, there is an allowance for a car if he gets married.

Seems like no beauties yet are able to win the heart of the handsome coach. 

But who knows, maybe Kliff is dating his secret hiding from the publicity of media or even more, he may be married secretly. Let's wait for the day the truth reveals itself.

Kliff Kingsbury's Talk about the Necessary Qualities to be his Girlfriend

Well, the issue takes us to the flashback of late 2014. During The Seth Davis show in December 2014, Kilff made the open talk about his views and qualities for his life partner. The fashionable and  eligible bachelor Kliff often compared with Canadian actor Ryan Gosling was asked by the host regarding the qualities, his love must possess as:

"Have you thought about...that girl happens to you. Does she need to be like a big football fan, or maybe it's better that she has no idea who you are...maybe she thinks you're Ryan Gosling by accident. What kind of women or marriage needs to be emplaced for you?"

And the reply from Kingsbury was:

"Yeah, I think she needs a lot of going on for herself...as long as she has a career, things going on, that will help. I think it's tough, you know there is the wife all day, you get home and it 11, they wanna talk and you got a long day in front of ya while trying too much so. Hopefully, down the road, he will have a lot for himself."

Have a look at the video.

Tick-tock and tick-tock, but seems he has not found someone he could marry or be in a relationship yet, making him a bachelor till now.

Still looking for someone for marriage, hope the news of marriage will be out soon.

Past Relationships and Rumors of Kliff Kingsbury

Only the record of Kliff's career achievements like Associated Press National Offensive Player of the Year in 2002 and Kliff's hands over 2002 Sammy Baugh Trophy, is available. No records of Kliff Kingsbury past relationship is out yet.

CAPTION: 2002 Sammy Baugh Award winner Kliff Kingsbury
SOURCE: Athlon Sports

Also, no relationship rumors are able to touch Kliff Kingsbury. Though he was once rumored to be a gay, the futile issue got a dead shot later.

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