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Joe Hampton is an American Collegiate Basketball player currently in his senior year, Hampton is renowned for starring in a Netflix show named  'Last Chance U: Basketball'. Joe was suspended for a year, cause he didn't quit smoking and failed drug tests.

Joe Hampton was born on January 30, 1997, in Hyattsville, Maryland. Hampton is now committed to California State University Long Beach after a four-year pause. The basketball player was raised by his mother, Krystal Hampton, and father, Lance Porter Hampton along with three siblings.

Joe Hampton Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors

The basketball player faced a severe mental breakdown, during his four-year hiatus phase. Joe Hampton's estimated net worth is $100,000, Hampton might have had a more net worth in the past cause he was featured in 'Last Chace U: Basketball', but due to an injury, his life drastically changed.

Joe Joe Hampton poses in front of a Mercedes.  SOURCE: Instagram: @jmmh_3

Even though, the basketball player didn't play for 4 years sponsors didn't forget him; Joe Hampton is sponsored by brands like reebok, imahooper, Fashion Nova, Essanté Organics,  and bluechip.  The monetary deals with the mentioned brand are kept private.

Recently, the demise of Joe's father left him melancholic, but now the three siblings of the basketball player are the successor of their father's assets. The basketball player's siblings' names aren't revealed to the public but Joe has tagged their Instagram on his posts.

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'Last Chance U' Joe Hampton: Is He Involved In Multiple Affairs?

The Long Beach University player has kept his relationship status away from the spotlight. Analyzing Joe's Instagram, he hasn't shared pictures of any girls besides his siblings. Hampton seems private regarding matters of relationship but the 25-year-old is highly likely to be involved in a relationship.

Joe Joe Hampton took a four-year pause from basketball.  SOURCE: Instagram: @jmmh_3

Hampton's age is just perfect for a wedding, there might be a possibility that the player is involved in an affair but is private about it. However, the Long Beach player's sexual orientation isn't revealed yet, so we can't draw a conclusion out of thin air. Joe is a handsome basketball prospect, and optimistic news about his wedding or affair might echo throughout his Instagram in near future.

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24 Joe Hampton: Recent Demise Of Joe's Father

Joe Hampton's father, Lance Porter Hampton who worked at Maryland-based security services, was announced dead on January 31, 2023, in Joe's Instagram where he captioned rip dad. The basketball player uploaded pictures of a tribute to his dad on his Instagram on February 25, 2023

JoeJoe Hampton's dad now rests in peace.  SOURCE: Instagram: @jmmh_3

Joe with his 3 siblings, their mother, and his nephew attended the funeral of their dad who now rests in peace. The basketball player is maturing and there is a high possibility of him debuting in the upcoming National Basketball Association draft. Overall, Hampton is performing great in basketball and seems will impact the future of the NBA.

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Joe Hampton: NBA Draft

The Long Beach player has already graduated from California State University with an undergraduate degree in Arts. Joe celebrated his graduation with his family and he shared a video of him pouring a drink in the parking spot to celebrate his graduation.

JoeJoe Hampton graduated with an undergraduate degree in Arts. SOURCE: Instagram: @jmmh_3

Even though the player has already graduated from the Long Beach university, it seems like Joe still has his last season on the university team. Hampton's fanbase greatly supports him and wishes him to get drafted into the NBA as soon as possible. However, the Long beach player hasn't revealed anything regarding the NBA's draft.

Joe Hampton Basketball: His Journey Till Now

The basketball player graduated from a high school named Oak Hill Academy and then was committed to Penn State University's basketball team. During a practice session at Penn State University, Joe was injured tearing his meniscus and lateral collateral ligament.

Joe Joe Hampton is committed to Long Beach Basketball Team  SOURCE: Instagram: @jmmh_3

The injury caused his mental health to degrade plus indulging in drugs and smoking got him suspended for a year. Hampton moved to his hometown and was on edge to give up playing basketball, but the basketball player decided to attend Pasadena City College and after a while transferred to  East Los Angeles College for the 2019-2020 season.

Now the player is committed to Long Beach State and was also named player of the week. Joe has already graduated from university and might debut in the upcoming NBA draft if he is invited by the league.

Joe Hampton Age: Injury That Delayed Him From Graduating

The basketball player's injury has impacted him more psychologically than physically. When Joe was injured, he wasn't able to practice and indulge in smoking and drugs. A year of suspension made him impatience so he went back to his hometown almost quitting basketball. Joe Hampton stands at 6 feet 9 inches and weighs 250 pounds, he has a gifted athletic body.

A ray of hope saved him when he joined East Los Angeles College where he was featured in a Netflix show'Last Chace U'. After playing for a season with ELAC, he was again transferred to Long Beach State University where Joe rose to fame. The 25-year-old has now graduated and is on his way to a bright future. more.

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