Wrestler Braun Strowman's Alleged Short-Term Affairs Had Once Created Buzz, Affairs At Present

Fri Apr,2018
Wrestler Braun Strowman's Alleged Short-Term Affairs Had Once Created Buzz, Affairs At Present WWE

According to sources, when Braun Strowman was still competing in the strongman, his body was so large that his then-girlfriend had to help him tie his shoelaces. Well, the time has changed drastically for the wrestler. He has lost much weight and is in a great shape and also his past girlfriend is nowhere to be seen around. Further, he is doing pretty good with his professional life.


Well, today all we are going to talk about is his love affairs, alleged link-ups, and her relationship status at present. Let's get started.

Alleged Link ups And Short-Term Affairs

Braun has been linked with two women. Both of the beautiful women are WWE diva and counterparts of the gigantic wrestler. He has been rumored dating  Alexa Bliss and beautiful Charlotte Flair in the past couple of years whilst working in WWE.

CAPTION: Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss
SOURCE: Pro Wrestling Wiki - Fandom

Alexa Bliss thinks of the 6 feet 8 inches tall Braun as 'cute'. They are regularly paired together in the show. Another WWE diva Charlotte Flair, the daughter of famous WWE star Rick Flair, has also been linked with the wrestler Braun Strowman.

The couple was rumored to be dating each other and were seen publicly hanging out on several occasions in early 2017.

CAPTION: Charlotte Flair in WWE
SOURCE: Sporting News

Unfortunately, they never commented on the issue, it is thus hard to say anything. Anyway, it must have broken many women's hearts at that time.

Unfortunate Revelation of Single Life

Apart from various speculations and heartbreaks of female fans, Braun had a Tinder profile as well. The hook-up site was created looking for the potential lady friend. All his personal details with picture were on the Tinder profile.

It surely revealed that he was single. Many women fans would have been very happy about it though other sightseers felt pretty sad for the cute giant wrestler.

CAPTION: Braun Strowman
SOURCE: Pinterest

Braun, who has never been married and is currently single, leaves plenty of space for the female who looks to enter the wrestler's life. We still hope there is a space for a beautiful woman or maybe it is already occupied.