How much is NFL’s Dak Prescott’s Salary and Net worth? Know all about his Endorsements, Brands, Hous

Jack Ol
Mon Aug,2017
How much is NFL’s Dak Prescott’s Salary and Net worth? Know all about his Endorsements, Brands, Hous American Football

We have seen Rayne Dakota Prescott AKA Dak Prescott spread his magic on the football field. As one of the most liked quarterbacks ever played for the Dallas Cowboys, Prescott has gained name and fame from his successful NFL career.

Magical on the field, and luxurious off the field, this 23 years handsome old lad has certainly piled up dollar bills and has spent it the same way he earned it "in Style."So, stick with us as we decode his lifestyle.

Net Worth and Salary of Dak Prescott

He undoubtedly made it large; starting with $2 million as a signing amount in Mississippi State University up to doubling it more than four times in four short years and holding more than $ 8.5 million worth. If you don't know what we mean then here is an insight of his earnings and net worth. Let's deal it in detail and break down the information into small nibbles so that you can clearly gather all about his current net worth.

At the beginning of his career, he was signed by Mississippi State Bulldogs for $ 2 million, which was a big deal in itself. In 2016 he again became a national hot shot after he got included in the team of the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. After four years of the football career in college, he was signed by Cowboys for $2.72 million dollars for four years. Along with his nearly three million dollar worth contract, he received a handsome amount of signing bonus of around $ 1 million.

Talking about his grants he further accumulated full guarantee money inclusive of ties around $380 thousand. He got the annual salary which is estimated to be more than half a million dollar. Prescott has a cap hit of around $63,000, and his dead money value is $2, 87,545. In 2017, he again added salary amount of $540,000 into his account along with $680,848 as renewal amount for his contract. Recently in March, NFL provided him the performance appraisal of $353,544.57.

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Here is a table which shows his economic growth from past few years:

Estimated Net worth                 $8.5 Million
Current Contract/4 Years                 $2.7 Million
Average Annual Salary (2016)                 $0.6 Million
Personal Investments                 $3.5 Million
Luxury Cars – 2                 $1 Million

  Dak Prescott's Yearly Earnings:

Year Earnings
2016 $3.2 Million
2015 $1.7 Million
2014 $1.2 Million
2013 $0.84 Million
2012 $0.94 Million

Dak Prescott's home and cars:

Dak bought a luxurious mansion in Sulphur, Louisiana in 2013. His house is estimated to cost around $1.2 million as of 2017.




Country Boy Strikes Again #MyRoots #OldLetterman

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Dak has two modern-day monster engines which are collectively worth around a million dollar. He is the proud owner of many cars but among these, German brand Volkswagen’s Audi, and his all time favorite Mercedes top the chart as they collective cost around $1 million.

Dak's Net worth growth ratio:

Starting from $2 million to $8.5 million in almost four years simply shows his growth by 110%. Added the fact, he bagged Rookie player of the year while he was a university student and has been a stunner performer for Cowboys from past two years make him worth more than his current net worth.

His yearly earnings are presented in the chart below: Dak Prescott's net worth and salary

Dak Prescott's yearly earnings with chart

Additional Endorsements:

In addition, Dak recently signed an endorsement deal with New Era Cap, the official on-field cap of NFL and has become the brand ambassador.





Moreover, he is also the brand ambassador of the several other products including Beats by Dre, Campbell’s Chunky Soup, Pepsi, and Frito-Lays.





Despite being a spectacular American footballer with immense fame and a person with a huge amount of money, Prescott has always been an honest player and a person with great virtue. We will always respect his dedication and be thankful for his contribution to the American football team as a great player.