How much is John Elway’s Net worth and Salary? Know about his Career and Awards

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Sun Oct,2017
How much is John Elway’s Net worth and Salary? Know about his Career and Awards Sports Executive

John Elway regarded as one of the best quarterbacks of his time, played his entire career with Denver Broncos. He was a highly paid player during his time with a huge salary and has managed to accumulate the enormous net worth. Besides, he is a successful businessman with several restaurants and other properties.

Elway, with the net worth of $145 million, is close to extending his contract as an executive of Denver. So how much earnings does he make in a year? Details here

John Elway's Net worth and salary

Well, Elway's devotion and hard work both as a player and as a manager have been clearly reflected in his net worth. You may be amazed by this man's earning and some of you might not believe, trust us we are not faking.

His estimated net worth is $145 million.

John receives $3.75 million dollars as his annual salary.

John Elway's former wife: Janet Elway Biography


He is making the fortune not only with the football. Besides, he is a successful businessman in the Denver area. Elway owns the dealership of several car companies like Toyota, Chevrolet, and Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. He even owns four restaurants in Colorado which are appropriately named after him "Elways." He is also the co-owner of the Arena Football Team.


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Moreover, Elway is also the co-owner of The Seven Cellars Wine. The company produces two types of wine and are planning to expand their business. His houses are located in Englewood Colorado and Lake Coeur.

Elway is close to extending his contract with Denver which will make him one of the highest-paid executives at current. The 5-year contract is believed to be worth around $30-35 million and will receive around $3 million per year.

Not only as an executive, but Elway was paid huge also as a player. During the late 1990s, he had a salary of $4 million and later reduced himself to $300 thousand to build up the team.

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Know about John's career and achievements

John Elway is a former American football professional and current executive vice president of football operations, and also the general manager of Denver Broncos of NFL.

Elway started football at Stanford college and his entire professional career at Denver Broncos. As a starting quarterback, he is recorded to have most wins and was also the 2nd best prolific passer in the history of NBL.On 1983, NFL draft he was the number 1 pick.


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His major career titles are, NFL Man Of The Year(1992), NFL passing yard winner(1993), Super Bowl Champion twice, Pac-10 player of the year(1983) and much more. On May 2, 1999, at the age of 38, he officially announced his retirement. He is still linked with NFL as the manager of Denver Broncos.