Garrett Reid

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Garrett Reid
Personal Info
  • Father Andy Reid
  • Father Nationality American
  • First Name Garrett
  • Mother Tammy Reid
  • Last Name Reid
  • Birth Name Garrett Reid
  • Mother Nationality American
  • Birth Country United States
  • Siblings Britt Reid, Spencer Reid, Drew Ann Reid, and Crosby Reid
  • Famous Name Garrett Reid
  • No. of Siblings 4
  • Horoscope Aries
  • Date April 13th
  • Nationality American
  • Ethnicity

Garrett Reid is the late son of the legendary American football coach. Garrett died passed away a decade ago but still is remembered by his family and friends. The Kansas City Chiefs head coach lost his kid, as Reid's demons got the best of him in 2012. Garrett faced many rough times during his battle with his drug addiction. 

The head coach's son, Garrett, was found using drugs since college. And it shows how deep Reid's addition ran. But despite his burden, he wanted to reform and leave the dark past. Sadly, he'd succumb to his struggle before turning thirty.

Garrett Reid: Bio, Family, and Early Life

The legendary NFL coach Andy Reid and his wife, Tammy Reid, gave birth to Garrett Reid. Garrett was born to his parents on April 13th, 1983. The celebrity baby drew his first breath in Provo, Utah, USA.

GarrettGarrett Reid's photo on the day of his court hearing. SOURCE: New York Times

As a child in a big family, Reid's early life was filled with love and bliss. Garrett grew up with four siblings in his early life. His parents gave birth to Britt Reid, Spencer Reid, Drew Ann Reid, and Crosby Reid. Among all of his siblings, Garrett was closest to Britt. 

Garrett's early life stays hidden throughout the years. Reid attended and later graduated from Harriton High School along with his siblings. And since his father was a head coach of an American football team, Garrett was also a part of Harriton High's football team. But, his college years stay a mystery to the public. 

Andy Reid's son Garret met his end at Lehigh University.

After finishing his education, Andy Reid's son Garrett Reid stayed in tune with football. And in 2012's training camp at Lehigh University, Garrett overdosed and lost his life. On August 5th, 2012, Howie Roseman broke the news of his passing to the public. 

Roseman found Reid dead in his room at Lehigh dorms during the training camp in 2012. Andy's son had found a used syringe and a spoon. Similarly, Garrett also owned multiple unused syringes in his bag.

Garrett Reid and his net worth before his death

Garrett Reid was on the news often, but for his demons. Aside from the drug-related issues, not much about Garrett became public. However, Andy Reid's son lived a life away from poverty. And at the time of his death, Garrett owned around $250k as his net worth.

GarrettGarrett Reid's father, Andy Reid, with his NFL team. SOURCE: ESPN

And ten years after his passing, his father, Andy, works as the head coach of Kansas City. Chiefs. Currently, the football coach commands approximately $30 million as his asset. Similarly, following Andy's footsteps, Garrett's brother, Britt Reid, worked as a coach. Britt currently holds an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Although Garrett wasn't facing any financial trouble, his owned properties stayed hidden. In 2007, Garrett and Britt lived in their father's house in Norristown, Pennsylvania. But, the car owned by the head coach's son also remains unknown.

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Andy Reid's son Garrett Reid and his relationship and personal life.

As the son of one of the greatest coaches in American football, Garrett Reid lived a blissful life. And throughout his life, he must have had many flings and relationships. But Andy Reid's child kept his love life away from the limelight.

AndyAndy Reid mourned his son, Garrett Reid. SOURCE: New York Daily News

Garrett was infamous for his demons; his addiction to drugs. But, looking past his struggles, Reid was a good brother to his siblings and a good son to his parents. And after his passing, his family showed how much Garrett meant to them.

Although his troubling times were in the middle of the spotlight, Reid kept all of his ex-partners away from the media's view. As a result, the names of Garrett's ex-girlfriends stay a mystery to the public.

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