Dusty Baker's Wife. Know About His Married Life, Career Earnings, Net Worth and World Series Title

Tue Nov,2022
Dusty Baker's Wife. Know About His Married Life, Career Earnings,  Net Worth and World Series Title Baseball

When an athlete with a massive impact in his sports marries, even his partner gains a fair bit of his spotlight. And such is the case with Dusty Baker and his wife. And the legendary MLB player, Dusty, married the love of his life Melissa Esplana. This duo, Melissa and Baker, stayed married throughout the years and remained loyal to the fault. 

And like his 19 long seasons in MLB, Dusty's marriage with Esplana is over two-decade-long. And in two years, he, along with his wife, will cross the twenty years mark. And yes, in their long married life, Dusty and his wife welcomed their kids. And here today, learn about the baseball star and his socialite wife a bit more!

MBL Legend Dusty Baker Married His Wife, Melissa Esplana, in The Mid-90s!

True to the words, love holds no boundaries or labels; Dusty Baker and his wife remained together for a long time. However, the duo wedded in the mid-90s. Baker and Melissa Esplana married on November 27th, 1994

DustyDusty Baker and his second wife, Melissa Esplana. SOURCE: Ghbase

Like their vows in sickness and health, Melissa stayed by Dusty's side. Dusty and his wife welcome a single child, Darren Baker. Darren was born to the Bakers on February 11th, 1999. And like his father, Eplana's kid loves baseball and plays in the MLB.

Baker and Esplana married in their late 40s. As such, it is no shock that both were married to different mates in the past. But who was Dusty's and Melissa's first spouses?

Past Relationships: Dusty and Esplana

Melissa Esplana keeps her former marriage elusive and mysterious. Much about Eplana's relationships in the past stay out of the media's view. Dusty Baker welcomed a child with his ex-wife, Alice Washington

DustyDusty Baker was married twice, but his first marriage with Alice Washington stays elusive. SOURCE: Instagram

Baker and his first wife, Alice, welcomed their only child Natosha Lichon Baker. And Natasha was born on September 29th, 1979. So, Dusty married Washington somewhere in the mid-70s. 

Dusty Baker boasts multi-million as his net worth and bags millions as his salary!

With nineteen seasons as an active player and more seasons as a manager and coach, Dusty Baker currently commands an estimated $20 million as his net worth. In 2020, Baker signed a one-year deal with the Houston Astros with a pay of $1.5 million.

DustyDusty Baker was ecstatic after his big win in the World Series 2022. SOURCE: Instagram

As of 2022, his contract with the Astros ended, but he still worked with the team. Likewise, Dusty became one of the few coaches bringing a World Series home without a contract asking them.

Most of the time, with wealth, comes luxury; Dusty, though, faces problems with IRS. In the late 90s, Baker met issues with his income; while earning around $900k a year, approximately 99% was seized by the Internal Revenue Service. And with that, Dusty earned less than $100,000 during that period. Baker was suffering from success, indeed. 

Fast forward a few decades, Dusty now earns more than a million. And with his recent achievements, Baker's income may reach a new height. But for now, the Houston Astros pays him a hefty amount of $1.5 million a year.

Dusty Baker and his record-breaking gap between World Series Wins!

After years of wanting and wishing for his next World Series Win, Dusty Baker finally won his second World Series. Baker first bagged his World Series in 1981 as a player. And now, after forty years, Dusty won his second win in 2022 as a manager/coach in Houston Astros, where Yordan Alvarez currently plays. 

Dusty became one of the few to win the World Series as a player and a manager. Similarly, Baker currently holds the title of the oldest manager to win the said MLB tournament. Moreover, the gap between the World Series wins of Baker is the longest. 

At the age of seventy-three, Dusty achieved his second victory. And so, he showed the world that one could attain their dreams. Baker's name will go down in history to inspire many future generations.

Baker faced health issues before his recent win.

It later came to the public's knowledge that Dusty Baker had health problems during the World Series. His love wife, Melissa Esplana, said in an interview that Baker had recently suffered a stroke. Similarly, he's had prostate cancer for a while.

Even with such tremendous obstacles in his life, Baker attained what he wanted. Melissa also told the world she was worried that her husband's job with rob him of his life. But despite the odds stacked against the legendary Dusty, he achieved his dream.