People born in November 13

Andrey Lunyov
Andrey Lunyov Andrey Lunyov Bio-salary, net worth, married, affair, relationship, career, bio, nationality
Asdrubal Cabrera
Asdrubal Cabrera Asdrubal Cabrera Biography- MLB player, stats, contracts, salary, net worth, married, relationship, affair, career, wife, family, age, nationality
Chris Devenski
Chris Devenski Chris Devenski Biography- contract, stats, net worth, earnings, married, relationship, affair, girlfriend, age, family, nationality
Cody Barton
Cody Barton Cody Barton: Currently under 4 year, $3,626,124 contract with the Seattle Seahawks, How much is his net worth in 2020?
Gilbert Perreault
Gilbert Perreault Gilbert Perreault Biography- retired NHL player, Salary, Earnings, Net worth, Married, Relationship, Affair, Age, Wife, Children, Height, Family
Lucas Barrios
Lucas Barrios Lucas Barrios | Bio-salary,net worth,children,married,wife,affair
Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace Metta World Peace Bio - salary, net worth, bio, wiki, child, suspended, controversy, girlfriend, age, height, relationship, affair, married, family
Sara Del Rey
Sara Del Rey Sara Del Rey Bio - net worth