Does the American Basketballer Trae Young Call Anyone his Wife; Details of His Girlfriend and Affairs

December 21, 2018
First published on:September 20, 2018
by Nikki

Rayford Trae Young, a.k.a. Trae Young is a professional basketball player based in the United States. He is currently playing as a point guard for NBA's Atlanta Hawks. He was initially drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2018 NBA Draft but was traded with his current team. 


Born on 19th September 1998, Young is currently 20-years-old and despite being a rookie, he is gaining massive media attention not only for his flourishing career and playing alongside A-listers like Jeremy LinVince Carter, John CollinsKent Bazemore, etc. But he is also gaining attention because of his hot girlfriend. 

Let's find out more about his girlfriend if he is married, and his other affairs. 

Trae Young's Hot Girlfriend: Are They Married?

A rising star in the court, Trae Young is among the players who are being eyed by numerous ladies out there. But, sadly he is taken and already has a girlfriend. 

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He is currently in a relationship with an Oklahoma cheerleader named Shelby Danae Miller. It seems as if the duo met during their college years at the Oklahoma University and fell in love. 

While exact details about when they started dating is a mystery, they are college sweethearts and the world first came to know about the couple via Young's Instagram

As he started gaining attention as a basketball player, his followers on social media also increased drastically. And his fans were soon to notice a girl who does not only make frequent appearances on it but also is tagged very often in his captions. 

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Both Young and Shelby's Instagrams are flooding with some adorable pictures of the couple and they indeed look perfect together. 

The duo most recent post is a picture of them beside a beach looking ripped. Shelby even wrote in the captions '*Do Not Disturb*' with heart and wave emojis all around it. 

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Meanwhile, they seem to be in a very committed relationship but they are neither married nor engaged. They are in their 20's and the starting of their career, so, we assume that fans will have to wait a few years before seeing them tie the knot. 

Trae Young's Past Relationships and Affairs

Other than his current beau Shelby Miller, there are no records of Trae Young being in a relationship with any other women or having an affair. 

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There are also no rumors about him having an encounter with someone.