"Give Me Them Ankles" After Wesley Johnson, James Harden Injured Jamal Murray

January 9, 2019 by Robert Stewart

The web wasn't done with Wesley Johnson incident, and James Harden hit Nuggets Guard Jamal Murray. First, a crazy blow behind the back which sent Jamal off the court and a foul on Murray was enough to get him injured this year.


Let's take a look at it from another angle

This was not the first time James did it to his opponent, remember Wesley Johnson incident? We all know that it might easily have been this year's wildest ankle breaker and it's not even a topic of discussion, 

But on Monday evening, was Harden outdoing himself? Just look back at his Wesley Johnson crossover. This video looks like it was re-done with Jamal Murray. let's take a look at Johnson-James foul:

Let's compare his 2018 and 2019, foul-travel foul, that went undetected and turned into a cold-blooded basket for Rocket's shooting Guard.