Yao Ming

by Sujan 29 Apr,2023
Yao Ming
Body Stats
Weight in KG kg
Weight 140
Personal Info
  • Father Yao Zhiyuan
  • Relationship Status married
  • No. of Twitter Followers 197.5K
  • First Name Yao
  • Endorsment brands Apple, Visa, Garmin, McDonald’s
  • No. of Instagram Followers 506K
  • Father Nationality Chinese
  • Mother Fang Fengdi
  • Wikipedia
  • Last Name Ming
  • Birth Name Yao Ming
  • Net Worth $160 Million
  • Mother Nationality Chinese
  • Currently Married Ye Li
  • Twitter https://twitter.com/YaoMing
  • Salary $17,686,100
  • Married to Ye Li
  • Birth Country China
  • Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yao/
  • Children Yao Qinlei
  • Wife profession Model
  • Horoscope Virgo
  • House Location Hunters Creek Village
  • House Price $3.99 million
  • Nationality Chinese
  • Girlfriend N/A
  • Profession Basketball Player
  • Famous for Basketball
  • Currently Club
  • Height 229

Yao Ming is a former Chinese professional basketball player who played for the Shanghai Sharks in the Chinese Basketball Association and the Houston Rockets in the National Basketball Association. He was chosen to start for the Western Conference in the NBA All-Star Game eight times and was named to the All-NBA Team five times. With a height of 2.29 meters (7 ft. 6 in), he was the tallest active player in the NBA during his final season.

Born in Shanghai, Yao started playing for the Sharks as a young player and played for their senior team for several years, winning a championship in his last season. After negotiating with the CBA and the Sharks for his release, Yao was drafted by the Rockets as the first overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft.

The Rise of Yao Ming: From China's Junior Sports School to NBA Superstardom

Yao Ming was born on September 12, 1980, in China to parents who were both former professional basketball players. He is an only child, and his parents' height is remarkable, with his father standing at 6 feet 7 inches and his mother at 6 feet 3 inches. Yao began playing basketball when he was nine years old and attended a junior sports school.

Yao Yao Ming during his game in CBA SOURCE: Pinterest

As a child, Yao was quite large, and by the age of 11, he weighed twice as much as an average Chinese infant. When he turned nine, he started playing basketball and began attending a junior sports school. A year later, sports specialists measured him at 5 feet 5 inches and predicted that he would grow to 7 feet 3 inches.

At 13 years old, Yao tried out for the Shanghai Sharks junior team of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), where he practiced for ten hours every day. Yao's dedication to basketball paid off, as he went on to play for the Sharks' senior team and won a championship in his final year before negotiating his release to join the Houston Rockets as the first overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft.

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Yao Ming: The Tallest Asian Basketball Player Who Became a Cultural Icon

Yao Ming is not only famous for being the tallest player in the world but also for his remarkable skills as a basketball player. With a height of 7 ft. 6 in. and a weight of around 141 kg, his physical attributes gave him an advantage in the game, particularly in basketball where height is a significant factor.

YaoYao Ming Stands 7.6ft tall SOURCE: Twitter @NBA SKITS

Aside from his towering height and athletic prowess, Yao Ming is also a source of pride for Asians all over the world. He is of Asian descent, with black hair and dark-brown eyes, and his success in the NBA has brought attention and admiration to Asian culture.

The Incredible Wealth and Philanthropic Ventures of Yao Ming: A Look at the Basketball Legend's Net Worth and Charitable Investments

Yao Ming's professional basketball career was lucrative, having signed a nine-year contract with the Houston Rockets in 2002 with an average annual salary of $10.3 Million. He earned a total of $93 million in compensation over his career, with his highest earnings coming from his final season with the Rockets, who paid him $17.6 million.

InYao having difficulties adjusting in SUV  SOURCE: Twitter @BR

Despite his immense wealth, Yao Ming is known for his wise spending habits and investments. He has used his earnings to support various charitable causes, including disaster relief efforts, education initiatives, and environmental conservation projects. His net worth is estimated at $160 million, making him one of the wealthiest basketball players in history.

In addition to his philanthropic work, Yao Ming has also invested in other ventures. He has a wine production business and a basketball academy, which aims to promote the sport and develop young players. He has also served as a global ambassador for the NBA and has been actively involved in promoting basketball and sportsmanship around the world

Yao Ming's Love Story: From Olympic Pins to Happily Ever After with Ye Li

Yao Ming met Chinese basketball player Ye Li when he was 17 years old, and although she was initially irritated by him, he won her over by presenting her with team pins he had acquired at the 2000 Summer Olympics. The two began dating and their relationship became public when they appeared together at the closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympics.

Ming Ming loves his wife  Facebook @Princess Cruises

Yao and Ye's relationship progressed, and they eventually got married on August 6, 2007, in a private ceremony attended by close friends. Their daughter, Yao Qinlei, was born on May 21, 2010, in Houston, Texas.

Yao and Ye have been together since they first started dating, making Yao a one-woman man. Despite his fame and fortune, Yao has kept his personal life private and has remained loyal to his wife. Their relationship has been a constant source of support and happiness for Yao throughout his career and personal life.

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