Who is WWE Steve Austin's Sexy Wife, Kathryn Burrhus [2023 Update]? Know About Her Age, Net Worth, Kids and Married Life

Tue May,2023
Who is WWE Steve Austin's Sexy Wife, Kathryn Burrhus [2023 Update]? Know About Her Age, Net Worth, Kids and Married Life Players wives

Kathryn Burrhus holds the distinction of being Steve Austin's first wife, with the couple entering into matrimony in 1990. Their relationship blossomed during their time as high school sweethearts. However, their marital journey was relatively short-lived, as they divorced in 2000 after a brief period of marriage. Despite their shared history, Kathryn and Steve did not have any children together.

While their marriage may have ended, the bond they shared during their formative years remained a significant part of their personal histories. The reasons behind their divorce and the subsequent paths they embarked on individually remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, their story serves as a testament to the complexities and dynamics of relationships, as they navigated the transition from high school sweethearts to spouses and ultimately chose separate paths for their futures.

Kathyrn Burrhus Net Worth: Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth, Contract, WWE Earnings, and Salary 

Kathryn Burrhus, the former wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $100,000. While details about her specific sources of income and financial ventures are not widely known, this figure represents her individual wealth separate from her former husband.

Steve Steve Austin has an estimated net worth of $30 Million  SOURCE: Instagram- @steveaustinbsr

In contrast, Stone Cold Steve Austin has amassed a significant fortune throughout his successful career in professional wrestling. With an estimated net worth of $30 million, Austin has solidified his position as one of the most iconic and financially prosperous figures in the wrestling industry. His net worth is attributed to various sources, including his wrestling career, brand endorsements, acting roles, and business ventures.

Austin's financial success is further reflected in his real estate investments. For many years, he and his fourth wife, Kristin, divided their time between his ranch in Nevada, known as the Broken Skull Ranch 2.0, and property in Marina Del Rey, California. In Marina Del Rey, Austin owned two adjacent homes. The first property was purchased around 2009, and the second house was acquired in 2017 for $1.49 million through an off-market transaction. In April 2021, Austin sold the Marina Del Rey compound for $3.395 million, highlighting his astute real estate dealings.

Steve Austin and Kathryn Burrhus Children: Were Steve and Kathryn Childless?

Although Steve Austin and Kathryn Burrhus, his first wife, did not have any children together, Austin is a father to three biological children from his relationships with other women. Following his divorce from Kathryn in 2000, Austin went on to have children with his subsequent partners.

SteveSteve Austin and his first wife didn't share any children.
SOURCE: Stillunfold

Austin's first child, Jade Adams, was born to his former girlfriend and wrestling valet, Jeannie Clarke, in 1992. Jade has maintained a relatively private life away from the public eye. In 2000, Austin welcomed his second child, a daughter named Stephanie Williams, with his second wife, Debra Marshall. Stephanie has kept a low profile and is not extensively involved in the public spotlight.

Austin's third child, Cassidy Williams, was born to Debra Marshall during their marriage as well. Cassidy has chosen to maintain her privacy and is not frequently seen in the public eye. Although Austin's children with other women are not biologically related to Kathryn Burrhus, their existence represents an important aspect of Austin's personal life and family dynamics. Despite their different family structures, Austin remains a dedicated father to his children and continues to balance his public career with his role as a parent.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin has Married Four Times: Kathryn Burrhus, Jeanie Clarke, Debra Marshall, and Kristin Feres

Steve Austin, the renowned professional wrestler, has had four marriages throughout his life, each with its own unique details. His first wife was Kathryn Burrhus, whom he married on November 24, 1990. Kathryn, also an actor and professional wrestler, was Austin's high school sweetheart. However, their marriage was short-lived as they divorced on August 7, 1992, after less than two years of being married. The couple did not have any children together during their time as husband and wife.

SteveSteve Austin enjoys beer every Friday.  SOURCE: Instagram- @steveaustinbsr

Jeanie Clarke, also known as Lady Blossom, became Austin's second wife. They exchanged vows on December 18, 1992. Jeanie, a British professional wrestling valet, played a significant role in Austin's life both personally and professionally. Together, they had two biological daughters named Stephanie Britt and Cassidy Skye. In addition to their own children, Austin also adopted Jeanie's daughter from a previous relationship, Jade, creating a loving family unit with three daughters.

Debra Marshall, a wrestling valet, and manager, became Austin's third wife. They entered matrimony on September 13, 2000. However, their marriage encountered difficulties and eventually ended in 2003. Unlike his previous marriages, Austin and Debra did not have any children together. Despite the end of their marital relationship, Austin remains a dedicated father to his existing children from his previous marriages.

Kathyrn Burrhus Ex-Husband, Stone Cold Steve Austin is Now Married to his fourth wife, Kristin Feres

Kristin Feres is Steve Austin's fourth and current wife, and they exchanged vows in a private ceremony held in late 2009. Despite being married to a famous professional wrestler, Kristin prefers to keep a low profile, and there is limited information available about her personal life. She maintains her privacy and doesn't seek the spotlight like Steve's previous wives, as she is not involved in the wrestling industry or a public figure.

While not much is publicly known about Kristin, Steve Austin has spoken openly about the significant impact she has had on his life. He credits Kristin with playing a pivotal role in turning his life around, suggesting that her influence has been instrumental in his personal growth and happiness. Although they do not have any children together, Kristin has made several red-carpet appearances and accompanied Steve to various WWE events, showing support for her famous partner.

Currently residing in Marina Del Rey, California, Steve Austin and Kristin Feres have managed to maintain their privacy and keep their personal lives away from the public eye. Despite the limited information available about Kristin, it is evident that she holds a special place in Steve's life and has played a significant role in his personal journey.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin Age: What is the Age of his first wife, Kathyrn Burrhus

Steve Austin, born on December 18, 1964, is currently 58 years old. He gained fame as a professional wrestler and has remained a prominent figure in the industry. On the other hand, Kathryn Burrhus, Steve Austin's first wife, was born on August 29, 1952, making her 70 years old at present. Despite their divorce and moving on to separate paths in life, their individual ages reflect the passage of time and the experiences they have accumulated over the years.

Steve Steve Austin is 58 years old. SOURCE: Instagram- @steveaustinbsr

Steve Austin's birthdate places him in his late 50s, and throughout his career, he has left a lasting impact on the world of professional wrestling. Meanwhile, Kathryn Burrhus, who was born nearly a decade earlier, is now in her 70s, entering a different stage of life. These age differences highlight the timeline of their lives and the journeys they have undertaken independently since their marriage and subsequent divorce.