The Undertaker is Presently Married to Michelle McCool; Did he have Affair with Anyone before?

Jon Snow
Wed Mar,2018
The Undertaker is Presently Married to Michelle McCool; Did he have Affair with Anyone before? WWE

The dead man of WWE, probably you have guessed that right. Yeah, we are talking about American professional wrestler Mark William Calaway known for his ring name The Undertaker. The 52-year-old wrestler signed in the SmackDown of the WWE is the 3 times World Heavyweight Champion, 4-times WWE Champion and the winner of 2007 Royal Rumble. The Undertaker is famed for his finisher Chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver

The Undertaker who is the WWE storylines half-older brother of Kane, real name Glenn Thomas Jacobs, is the father of 4 children shared with his 3 wives. Like his unpleasant relationship with Kane in WWE, Mark aka The Undertaker has got the scars of past relationship. But currently, he lives a happy married life with his third wife Michelle McCool. Scroll down to know more about The Undertaker's relationship, past affairs, married life, and children.

Happy married life of The Undertaker with his wife Michelle McCool and Their Children

As mentioned above, you have known that Michelle is the 3rd wife of The Undertaker. Actually, Michelle is a former WWE diva who was signed to WWE's SmackDown brand and 2-times Divas Champion. She left the ring after losing the Loser Leaves match against Layla El on May 1, 2011

Well, talking about Michelle and The Undertaker's relationship, the lovely couple has not spoken anything about their relationship beginning. Surely, the WWE ring worked as the base of their relationship and they are alleged to be dating since 2007.

The couple later took their relationship to another level, as they got married on June 26, 2010, in  Houston, Texas. Though the detail of the guest list in The Undertaker(Mark) and Michelle's wedding is undisclosed.

Here is the photo of their wedding. 

[ CAPTION: The Undertaker and Michelle's wedding ][ SOURCE: YouTube ]

It's been 7 years since their marriage, and till now The Undertaker and Michelle are living happily without any mishaps of separation or divorce. Furthermore, the couple is the parent of their daughter.

The Undertaker and Michelle's daughter

In August 2012, The Undertaker and Michelle welcomed their daughter Kaia Faith. No further detail of their daughter is out yet.

Moreover,  the couple seems unwilling to reveal the face of their daughter, probably it's to keep her away from the radar of media. 

Really lovely!

But some tragics comes up to target the happiness. You may not believe, but Michelle was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2016, and later in August 2016, she made an awareness post on her Instagram, asking her followers to wear sunscreen or else they would have to cut holes out of their body like her.

Have a look. 

However, Michelle currently,  is living a healthy and happy life with her husband The Undertaker and with her daughter sharing lots of love and memories. Let's wish them best. 

Past Affairs of both The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

As per the records, many girls came in the life of The Undertaker, however, he failed to achieve successful relationship until he met Michelle.

The Undertaker's Past Relationship and Children

Previously, The Undertaker was in a married relationship with Jodi Lynn who he married in 1989. 

Jodi and The Undertaker even share a son named Gunner Vincent born in 1993. However, without a disclosed reason, Jodi and The Undertaker divorced in 1999 after 10 years of marriage. 

[ CAPTION: The Undertaker's son Gunner Vincent ][ SOURCE: Sportskeeda ]

Soon after his divorce, Mark aka The Undertaker married his second wife Sara, in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 21, 2000. Sara even was acknowledged in the WWE as The Undertaker's wife as a part of a feud between The Undertaker and Diamond Dallas Page. 

[ CAPTION: The Undertaker and Sara Calaway ][ SOURCE: Celebrity Tonic ]

The former couple shares 2 daughters together. They welcomed their daughter Chasey on November 21, 2002, and Gracie on May 15, 2005. But then, the tragedy came as The Undertaker and Sara divorced in 2007. Though the reason for the split is still a mystery.

[ CAPTION: The Undertaker and Sara Calaway's daughters, Chasey and Garcie][ SOURCE: Ultimate Dead Man ]

So adorable! But no further information of Chasey and Garcie is out yet. 

Well, The Undertaker is not the only one to have past relationships, his current wife Michelle does have past affairs and children too.

Past Relationship of Michelle McCool

As reported by The Sun, prior to The Undertaker, Michelle was married to her first husband Jeremy Louis Alexander. However, the detail of Michelle's first marriage is not out yet, though she is reported to have divorced in 2006. 

But the past is past, as she is currently living happily with her husband The Undertaker, may the love lives to eternity. 

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