Paul Heyman's Ex-Wife Marla Heyman [2023 Updated]:Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married Life, Children, Divorce, Career, Earnings

Tue Mar,2023
Paul Heyman's Ex-Wife Marla Heyman [2023 Updated]:Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married Life, Children, Divorce, Career, Earnings Players wives

Marla Heyman is widely notable as the former wife of WWE Manager Paul Heyman's wife. Besides this, she has her own recognition for being a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Paul Heyman is a professional wrestling manager, and commentator who signed to WWE appearing on the SmackDown brand for the current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as the on-screen "special counsel."  executive producer, writer, performer, marketer, as well as promoter. 

How Much Is Marla Heyman's Net Worth?

Marla Heyman has mostly worked as a businesswoman and entrepreneur in her professional career so, she must have earned a large amount. As per the sources Marla has an estimated net worth of $4 Million. However, she lives a lavish lifestyle because of her Ex-husband.

Marla Marla owns several millions as her net worth.SOURCE: Twitter 

Paul Heyman was employed by WWE and received a $2 million yearly compensation. In 2001, he signed up with the business and earned $300,000 working both as a manager and a writer. Paul Heyman has been able to increase his net worth to $10 million with the help of that yearly wage. 

Marla and Paul Heyman's Divorce

Marla Heyman and Paul Heyman got married in 2001, and it was a private and low-key wedding between the couple, who were still very young. The exact date of their marriage is not revealed yet. After some years of marriage, the couple's marriage, unfortunately, came to an end, and they decided to go their separate ways.

The The Ex Heyman Couple SOURCE: MySportDab

The reason behind their divorce remains unknown as they chose to keep it private. Despite the challenges they faced, they remained committed to co-parenting their two children and ensuring that they both received equal love and care from their parents.

While they may no longer be together, they continue to focus on their respective lives and careers. As private individuals, Marla and Paul have not shared any updates about their current relationships or personal lives.

Brief on Marla Heyman's Children

Marla Heyman is a successful mother who gave birth to two kids while she was married to her ex-husband. Azalea Heyman and Jacob Heyman are their names, and they are both their parents' lone children. As their parents could not uphold the commitments they made to one another on their wedding day, Marla and Paul are no longer together.

Paul Paul Heyman with his son SOURCE: Twitter

 Yet, the parents have a strong bond with their kids, who are equally a part of each of their lives. The firstborn child and daughter of Marla Heyman and Paul Heyman, who was her ex-husband, is Azalea Heyman. She was born in 2002 and is now 21 years old, however, we are unable to verify her exact birthdate.

Her personal life is unknown, however, she should still be enrolled in school to finish up her degree. Jacob Heyman, Marla Heyman's second child, and son was born in 2004; he is two years younger than Azalea.

He is 19 years old, and not much is known about his personal life. Since his parents had to part ways soon after his birth, he didn't enjoy spending much time with them together. Paul and Marla Heyman are still partners in life, but only as parents to their two kids.