Who is Kylee Owens? Know about her Family and Facts

Tessa Young
Mon Jan,2019
Who is Kylee Owens? Know about her Family and Facts Players Child

Are you guys wondering who is Kylee Owens? Then we must say you have stumbled upon a correct page to know about her. Today we are going to talk about her bio, profession and many more. Stay tuned to us until the end.  We will make sure to provide enough information. 


Kylee is one of the kids of popular football player Terrell Owens. Let's get into the article without wasting any further time. 

Who is Kylee Owens? 

As mentioned above, Kylee Owens is the daughter of a popular football player. The details about the star's date of birth, birthplace and early life are still under the rock. However, her father Terrell was born on the 7th of December 1993 that makes him exactly 25 years old.



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Terrell got his high school education at Benjamin Russel High School where he was active in basketball, football, baseball and also on track events. 

Kylee Owens Family & Facts

Even though Kylee is a daughter of Terrell, her father was officially married to Rachel Snider who worked as a postal staff from Texas. Her stepmother and father divorced shortly after a few months of their marriage. Not much information about her mother is out for now.

Her father has been romantically entangled with several women among whom are Felisha Terrell, Kari Klinkenborg, Serinda Swan, Kip Force, and Candace Cabrera. One of them might be her mother. 



The crux of the matter is that her father Terrell Owens has to pay out as much as $45,000 as child support on a monthly basis. He also dishes out about $60,000 to take care of the homes that his kids’ different mothers live in.

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On May 8, 2012, three of his baby mamas were at Dr. Phil episode of to accuse Owens of not meeting up his obligations in child support. We believe Kylee's mother was present in the episode. 

Furthermore, one of Terrell's baby mamas Melanie Paige Smith III sued him for failure to pay child support but the case was settled out of court. In his defense, the player admitted that he declined in his payment of child support due to his dwindling wages in the NFL and Melanie was well aware of that. 

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How it might be possible that Owens who earned about $80 million during his NFL career suddenly became broke within a short while as he should pay a heavy amount as child support. According to Terrell, he has no current source of income but has to make very expensive monthly expenses. 

Does Kylee Owens have a Boyfriend?

Learning from her complicated family ties and parents, she might be single and searching for a Mr. Right. Since she is just 13 years old, she is very young to be in a relationship at this age.

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