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Travis James Honeyman is a baseball player who plays outfield and is a right-handed hitter. He is listed on the D1Baseball website as a player.  Honeyman was 21 years and 10 months old at the time of his last game. In the Cape Cod Baseball League.

As a rookie in the world of flashy baseball, Travis has kept his profile relatively lower than other players. James seems like he is experimenting a lot with his baseball gear to come up with quirky ideas and seems like he is determined to take over the baseball world like a storm.

Travis Honeyman Net Worth 2023 & Career Earnings

Honeyman is new to the professional world of baseball as he is a baseball prospect he hasn't earned from his professional endeavors. Travis Honey has an estimated net worth of around $100,00 and hasn't earned a penny from his baseball career. The player is relatively young and has been drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Swings-Bat Travis swings the baseball bat.  SOURCE: Instagram

Travis has yet to explore many things in the realm of professional baseball, but we will; surely see this man rise in the future. The wealthiest individuals in Major League Baseball (MLB) include Alex Rodriguez as the frontrunner, boasting an immense wealth of $350 million. Trailing closely is Derek Jeter, with a substantial fortune of $200 million.

Albert Pujols claims a prominent spot in the rankings, amassing a net wealth of $339.21 million, while Miguel Cabrera closely follows with a noteworthy net value of $321 million. Completing the top five is  Justin Verlander, setting himself apart with an impressive net worth totaling $274.588 million.

Travis Honeyman St. Louis Cardinal's Contract Breakdown

Travis Honeyman got picked by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2023 MLB Draft, specifically in the third round, as the 90th overall selection. It's worth noting that he signed a contract with the Cardinals on July 14, 2023, for $700,000. That's a bit less, about $59,600 less to be precise, than what's typically expected for someone in his draft spot.

Jersey-number-2Travis plays under jersey number 2.  SOURCE: Instagram

Not just Travis, but the Cardinals also made deals with some other players they selected in the draft. They inked contracts with Jacob Odle and Tyler Bradt, who are right-handed pitchers, as well as Graysen Tarlow, a catcher, Ryan Tepera, a pitcher, and Ross Friedrick, who plays as a first baseman. All of these agreements are for minor league contracts.

Travis Honeyman Girlfriend: Know about the Hot Girl

Travis Honeyman is really serious about becoming a great baseball player. He spends a lot of time practicing and playing with his team. Because he's so focused on baseball, he doesn't have much time for dating or having a girlfriend. Right now, Travis is not in a romantic relationship; he's single.

Travis-Wears-Googles Travis in a YouTube interview  SOURCE: Youtube

His main goal is to get better at baseball and help his team win. Because of this, he doesn't have much time for dating like some of his friends do. Travis is determined to make his dreams of being a great baseball player come true, and he's working really hard to make it happen.

Travis Honeyman MLB Draft 2023 Performance: What Did Professional Said?

Travis Honeyman is getting some impressive praise in the baseball world. According to, he's seen as a top prospect in the baseball draft. They say he's got remarkable athleticism, moves quickly, and has a wiry kind of strength, a bit like Hunter Pence who is a well-known baseball player.

Travis-PracticesTravis' batting spotlights have been shared on yt.  SOURCE: Youtube

Baseball Prospect Journal paints a picture of Travis Honeyman as a 6-foot-3, 195-pound outfielder. They mention that he's got a whole set of skills that make a big impact in the game. On the other hand, St. Louis Today describes him as 6-foot-2 and someone who plays in the outfield. It's pretty cool that people are comparing Travis Honeyman to Hunter Pence because of his fast moves and the wiry strength he's got on the field.

Travis Honeyman Endorsement Deals & Sponsorships

Travis Honeyman hasn't started scoring sponsorship deals just yet. Currently, his main focus is on improving his skills in baseball and being a valuable player for his college team. Since he's still in the early stages of his baseball journey and hasn't reached the top level yet, companies aren't approaching him to promote their products.

MLB-Draft-2023Travis was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals.  SOURCE: Reddit

Even though Travis Honeyman hasn't secured any sponsorship deals at this point, he's putting in a lot of effort and performing well in his baseball games. This suggests that he has the potential for a promising future. As he continues to grow and excel in his baseball career, major brands might take notice of him and consider partnering with him in the future.

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Travis Honeyman Collegiate Stats & Professional Stats

Travis Honeyman has a baseball background that includes playing for Boston College and participating in various summer leagues. Let's look at his college stats first. In 2022, while playing as a left fielder (LF) for Boston College, Honeyman had a pretty good batting average of .329 and an on-base percentage of .402.

However, the year before, in 2021, his batting average was quite low at .071, with an on-base percentage of .167. But if you combine all his years at Boston College, his career stats show a batting average of .329 and an on-base percentage of .402.

In addition to his college experience, Travis also played in summer leagues like the New England Collegiate Baseball League, where he had a .333 batting average and a .400 on-base percentage. He also had a stint in the Cape Cod Baseball League, where his batting average was .250, and his on-base percentage stood at .333. As for his professional career, there isn't any information available about his stats in the major leagues since he hasn't played there yet.

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Travis Honeyman's Early Life & Family Background

Travis Honeyman was born on October 2, 2001, and comes from Massapequa, NY. While we know about his birthplace and date, there's not much information about his family background or what his early life was like. Travis attended Massapequa High School in New York where he played baseball before making the decision to continue his baseball journey at Boston College.

It seems Travis has chosen to keep his family life and personal background away from the public eye, focusing more on his baseball career. Unfortunately, he has chosen to maintain privacy when it comes to his family life, keeping the details out of the public domain.


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