Tottenham Star Dele Alli with Yet another Celebration

Jack Ol
Thu Aug,2018
Tottenham Star Dele Alli with Yet another Celebration Soccer

Dele Alli's previous celebration went viral over the internet with people all over the world trying to copy his style. The Tottenham star is back with the new looped finger celebration which is even harder and twice confusing.

England ace was seen performing his new trick on one of the pictures posted by him while his teammate Georges-Kevin N'Koudou was seen doing unsuccessful attempts in the background.

CAPTION: Dele Alli's New Challenge SOURCE: Unilad

Alli later deleted the picture as he is believed to have saved to perform live on the ground after scoring the goal.

The Tottenham forward's celebration against Newcastle went viral with people attempting to copy his style naming as 'The Dele Alli Challenge'. Since then several football players including Paul Pogba, Mauricio Pochettino, and Neymar have tried the celebration which was also performed in NBA and NFL.

Well, Alli might be the creator but another English star Jesse Lingard has claimed the credit of making the celebration- viral.