North Western University Fires Fitzgerald, Pat Alleged Of Hazing Football Players: Are the Allegations True?

Fri Jul,2023
North Western University Fires Fitzgerald, Pat Alleged Of Hazing Football Players: Are the Allegations True? American Football

Pat Fitzgerald is a former American football player and coach who recently faced a significant setback in his career. Fitzgerald had an impressive background as a player for the Wildcats as he had enjoyed a prosperous coaching tenure at Northwestern. 

Fitzgerald achieved the distinction of being the program's most successful coach in terms of victories and led the team to an impressive 10 bowl appearances. The hazing scandal ultimately brought an end to Fitzgerald's tenure at Northwestern, marking a turning point in his professional journey.

Pat Fitzgerald Alleged of Hazing Football Players: North Western University Fires Pat

Northwestern University has terminated the employment of Pat Fitzgerald, the head coach of the Northwestern Wildcats football program following an investigation into hazing allegations. Fitzgerald who was once a star player for the Wildcats and a College Football Hall of Famer, had been suspended for a period of two weeks.

PatPat Fitzgerald hangs out with fellow coaches. SOURCE: Twitter- @coachfitz51

This swift downfall represents a stark contrast to Fitzgerald's previous success and accomplishments during his playing and coaching career. Having served as the head coach of the Northwestern football program since 2001. Fitzgerald's coaching tenure at the university has come to an end due to the hazing scandal. 

This significant decision has the potential to give rise to legal controversies for Northwestern University. The termination of Pat Fitzgerald is widely regarded as a shocking and consequential event within the realm of college football, given his long-standing association with the university and his achievements as a coach.

Are the Allegations of Fitzgerald Hazing the Collegiate Athletes True?

The hazing allegations against Pat Fitzgerald, the former head coach of the Northwestern Wildcats football program might be true. These allegations ultimately led to Fitzgerald's suspension and subsequent termination from the university.

Pat Pat Fitzgerald proudly stands in front of his former team. SOURCE: Twitter- @coachfitz51

Some players who were subjected to hazing practices found them to be harmful, with potential long-term consequences, while others may have viewed them as harmless jokes or rituals. Hazing practices were reportedly well-known within the football program at Northwestern University, but there is no concrete evidence available to suggest that Fitzgerald was aware of these activities.

However, recent claims published by The Daily Northwestern suggest that Fitzgerald may have had some knowledge of the hazing incidents. Fitzgerald released a statement asserting that he had no knowledge whatsoever of any form of hazing taking place within his program in response to these allegations.


"The final determination of Fitzgerald's involvement or knowledge of the hazing practices would require a thorough investigation and examination of all relevant evidence."

Which Team Will Pat Fitzgerald Coach Next?: Has the Former North Western University Coach Gave up his Career?

Given Pat Fitzgerald's experience and success as a coach, it is plausible that he could receive offers from other college football programs or potentially even professional football teams. The scandal and its repercussions could potentially raise concerns for potential employers, making it uncertain whether Fitzgerald will be able to secure another coaching position in the near future. 

PatPat Fitzgerald holding the kid of players that he coached. SOURCE: Twitter- @coachfitz51

There is no available information regarding his plans or any potential opportunities that may arise for him in the coming months or years. While it is possible that Pat Fitzgerald could receive offers from other football programs, the hazing scandal that led to his termination from Northwestern University may have an adverse effect on his future job prospects. 

North Western University Former Coach, Pat Fitzgerald's Career Earnings, Incentives, and Contract Details

Pat Fitzgerald, the former head coach of the Northwestern Wildcats football program, signed a 10-year contract with Northwestern University, his alma mater. The contract is valued at $57 million and was set to run through 2030, but due to the hazing allegations the contract couldn't be fulfilled.

Pat Pat Fitzgerald is the father of three sons. SOURCE: Twitter- @coachfitz51

Fitzgerald earned $5,748,179 in the first year of his most recent contract extension. It is reported that he has an annual salary of $5.75 million. Apart from the $82,500 bonus and incentive compensation he received in 2011, there is no information regarding any additional earnings or incentives.

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Curious about Pat Fitzgerald's Net Worth 2023: Know About the Detailed Analysis of his Wealth

Pat Fitzgerald, the former coach of the Northwestern Wildcats football program, enjoys a lavish lifestyle and is considered one of the wealthiest coaches in college sports. It is estimated that he has a net worth of approximately $20 million.

Fitzgerald's wealth comes mainly from his career as a football coach, particularly his role as the head coach of the Northwestern Wildcats. During his time as coach, Fitzgerald achieved great success and guided the team to several bowl games, which likely played a part in his financial prosperity.

Pat Fitzgerald's Contributions to North Western University Football Team: What were his Achievements as Coach

In 2006, Pat Fitzgerald assumed the position of head coach for the Northwestern Wildcats football program, following a five-year period as an assistant coach at his alma mater. Fitzgerald guided the team to remarkable accomplishments, including 10 bowl appearances and securing the Big Ten West Division title in 2018.

Under his leadership, Northwestern football experienced unprecedented success with Fitzgerald becoming the winningest coach in the program's history, surpassing the previous record set by Ara Parseghian. Fitzgerald's outstanding contributions as both a player and coach led to his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008.

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Pat Fitzgerald Married and Family Life: Who are Fitzgerald's Wife and Children?

Pat Fitzgerald is married to Stacy Fitzgerald. Pat and Stacy share three sons together named Ryan Fitzgerald, Brendan Fitzgerald, and Jack Fitzgerald. Pat Fitzgerald has spoken about his family in interviews, describing his children as "very fortunate" and expressing his gratitude for his wife's support he likely has a close and involved relationship with his children.

PatPat Fitzgerald with his wife and sons.  SOURCE: Twitter- @coachfitz51

The former North Western Univerisity's coach has kept the other relevant information such as his children's birth details and his wedding date, dress, and Veneue away from the limelight. Pat is a career-focused guy and rarely uploads photos of his family but is very near and dear to them as he has kept his family photo as the profile picture and the background of his Twitter.